Logistics Disposable UHF RFID Seal Tag

Logistics Disposable UHF RFID Seal Tag

Logistics Disposable UHF RFID Seal Tag is made of metal&plastic abs for indoor and outdoor application environment,which can be encapsulated with LF, HF or UHF antenna.You can choose one to build an automatic tracking system and achieve your project objective.
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Product Details

1.Logistics Disposable UHF RFID Seal Tag

RFID seal tag is simple to use ,seal can be directly perforated a pull ,the tag is a one-time,for the logistics and transport status ,large volume ,long distance,there is a theft or shoddy phenomenon in the transport ,also often used for water and electricity meter identification ,play a role in anti-dismantling ,anti-counterfeiting ,to prevent unanthorized hydropower.

2.Product parameter of disposable seal RFID tags.

Product Name:Disposable seal rfid tags
Product No:KMRH362311

                                                                            Physical parameters

Packaging Material:     

Dimensions:    Head:36*23*11mm     Tail long:280mm

Operation Temperature:    

-20℃~150 Degree celsius,595% RH, no condensation
Storage Temperature: -10℃~130 Degree celsius,595% RH, no condensation
Customized:Company logo printing, laser coding, etc.
                                                                            Performance parmeters



Working Frequency: 




Reading distance: 


Environmental protection:


Data retention:

>10 years

Programming Cycles:

Business Application:

Oil transportation,Hydraulic management,cable, etc.

3.The advantages of this tag.

1).Using plastic acrylonitrile,resistant to chemical corrosion,heat resistance,and a certain surface hardness,with high elasticity and toughness.

2).The tag uses a one-time anti-detachable chasp device,the wire seal through the clasp can not be pulled out ,to play a good anti-counterfeiting.

3).The tag seal use steel wire which can withstand super tension.The steel wire length can be customized according to the use situation.

4.After-sales service

1).Provide a one-year guarantee.

2).Provide free samples to test.

3).Provide professioal guidance.

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