4S shop intelligent transparent workshop solution

- Jun 29, 2018-

One. Project Overview

The biggest characteristic of the 4S shop's service is its on-site nature and timeliness. The final client's appeal is transparent, open, and time-saving. The intelligent shop floor management system using the Internet of Things technology emerged. Combined with the international advanced process management, the software and hardware of digital signage, video surveillance, intelligent voice, and touch operation platform were integrated into the process of vehicle maintenance management. Really participate in the entire vehicle maintenance process and interact with the 4S shop.


(1) License plate recognition and initiative to welcome customers to the factory

(2) Experience the transparent display of the audience, understand the maintenance progress, watch the maintenance video

(3) Remotely query vehicle maintenance records through smart phones, smart terminals, etc., and watch live video

2. Service Consultant

(1) Real-time workshop load status makes the delivery time more confident

(2) More transparent shop information, clearer service progress, and more accurate service information for car owners

(3) Timely follow-up of delivery time and increase customer satisfaction

3. Workshop scheduling

(1) Analyze all work data of the workshop through digital signage

(2) More reasonable and accurate assignments to improve workshop maintenance efficiency

4. Manager

(1) Presenting an all-dimensional three-dimensional workshop

(2) Three-dimensional data model plus time, quantified management data and statements, provide basis for business decisions

one. Project purpose

1. External: Improve customer satisfaction

(1) Achieve rapid customer reception

(2) Save customer waiting time

(3) Increased transparency in the process of customer service experience

(4) Enhancing brand service image and reputation

(5) Improve customer loyalty, attract more customers, and enter a virtuous circle

2. Internal: Improve service and operational efficiency

(1) Maximizing deployment and utilization of work station resources

(2) Abnormalities were discovered and intervention was adjusted

(3) Optimize shop service processes, improve business efficiency, and increase shop productivity

(4) More timely and accurate information, improving service efficiency and customer satisfaction

(5) Let the number speak and provide managers with decision-making basis