A smart card

- Sep 07, 2018-

A smart card ("Smart Card"), also known as an integrated circuit card (IC card). It generally refers to a card made by embedding an integrated circuit chip on a substrate such as plastic. The shape is similar to that of a magnetic card, and the chip has functions of storage, encryption, and data processing. Now, IC card products have entered various fields such as finance, telecommunications, transportation, medical care, and identity certification.

Depending on the method of reading and writing, IC cards can be classified into contact IC cards and contactless IC cards. The integrated circuits of both cards are sealed inside the plastic card substrate, which is waterproof, dustproof and antimagnetic. The surface of the contact IC card can be seen as a square gold-plated interface with eight or six gold-plated contacts for contact with the reader and reading and writing with current signals. The card of the contactless IC card contains the IC card circuit, and also contains the relevant RF transceiver circuit and antenna coil. The IC card can receive the signal of the reader and reader within a certain distance to realize non-contact reading and writing.