application of rfid technology

- Dec 23, 2017-

RFID is a non-contact automatic identification technology, the general RFID system consists of readers, tags and antennas composed of three parts. It automatically identifies the target object through radio frequency signals and obtains the related data. The basic principle of the method is to use the spatial coupling (inductance or electromagnetic coupling) transmission characteristic of the radio frequency signal to realize the automatic identification of the recognized object.

RFlD Chinese name for the radio frequency identification, is the English "Radio Frequency Identification" acronym for non-contact automatic identification technology, an advanced form of identification without human intervention, can work in a variety of harsh environments. The structure of the RFID system consists of a tag, a reader and an antenna. Radio frequency signals automatically identify the target object and obtain relevant information, the basic principle is to use the spatial coupling (inductance or electromagnetic coupling) transmission characteristics to determine the object's automatic identification of radio frequency signals

RFID technology is one of the important technologies in recent years. It has become increasingly popular in foreign countries. Our RFID technology lags behind that of developed countries in terms of infrastructure, especially the design of RFID chips. RFID technology can not get the corresponding attention of China's related enterprises, which also makes our country's RFID technology is developing slowly. Without the appropriate equipment, RFID technology faces many difficulties in promoting the whole society. RFID system is a digital communication system

1.ammunition storage system functions

1.1 storage management

      Storage management includes: first check the relevant documents; secondly, based on the type, quantity and quality of incoming ammunition, warehouse management personnel make pre-storage ammunition location and space reservation work according to the nature and quantity of materials; warehouse entrance RFID reader to collect ammunition electronic tag information, and data and storage voucher comparison; ready ammunition delivery tools; forklift transport of ammunition, handling personnel arranged ammunition storage shelves.

After the storage of ammunition but also on the storage location of ammunition to verify that the warehouse management system designated ammunition position accurate.

1.2 out of storage management

      Outbound management includes: First, according to the delivery order, transfer order or maintenance receipt, the warehouse management system calculates the delivery amount and informs the relevant part of the team that it is ready. In accordance with the principle of old and new ammunition, the ammunition transport unit is assigned to the designated Position and transport the ammunition in turn; use RFID sensors to send the data to the inventory management system and register it; some teams pack, seal, export and load the vehicles according to the type of ammunition and the requirements of the user.

After the ammunition out of the library, to the library documents and the corresponding data out of the check, to ensure the accuracy of the operation of the library.

Inventory inventory management

      The inventory ammunition management includes: selecting the ammunition warehouse to be stocked and the specific reservoir area and sub-area; the management system transmits the information of the RFID tag through the wireless network and controls the reader to read the data; the reader transmits the inventory data to the data processing system, Compare and record the results; enter the next area to repeat the above process.

Warehouse inventory, the generation of ammunition statistics statements and reports of differences, early detection of problems, problems early processing, early solution to problems.

2 based on RFID technology ammunition warehouse management system

The purpose of ammunition warehouse management system design based on RFID technology is to realize the ammunition out / storage control, ammunition storage location and the number of statistics, information query process automation, to facilitate warehouse management personnel statistics, query and control of material flow. To achieve accurate, fast, safe, efficient and other requirements.

3 out of storage function

Material export / storage registration is an important part of ammunition warehouse management. Use of RFID Positioning to Automatically Track Ammunition Loading / Storing Positions by Data Management System to Reduce Man-Made Errors; Using RFID Technology to Collect Ammo Speeds Quickly, Conveniently, Uninterruptedly and Accurately Data, an effective solution to the problem of ammunition loaded / stored in place.