Application of RFID Technology in Education Industry

- Jun 19, 2018-

In recent years, various vicious kindergarten safety accidents have had a tremendous impact on families and society. If parents and teachers have ever experienced mistakes in the transfer of children, resulting in child loss, injury or death, the school’s negligence caused the child’s death or death in a dangerous place in kindergarten, or forgetting to die on the school bus. In particular, on November 16, 2011, there was a traffic accident involving a school bus at the private kindergarten of Xiaolinzi Town, Zhengning County, Gansu Province. The cumulative number of deaths reached 21, and this safety accident caused national shock.

Typical applications in the education field include school cafeteria meal sales system, library management system, campus "card", school entrance guard system, teacher and student attendance system. In general, the application of RFID technology in the education field presents a sporadic state, which is not as widespread and in-depth as in the application of manufacturing and business services. In 2010, the country introduced the policy of “vigorously developing preschool education”. The conditions for school education and funding for preschool education will be greatly improved. Therefore, it is realistic and feasible to apply RFID technology to kindergartens.

RFID cards are mainly used in kindergarten security management for identification, permission allocation, basic information reading, etc. Generally, the following three types of RFID cards should be set:

(1) Infant RFID card: Use wristband RFID tag. Compared with ordinary RFID cards, wristband type electronic tags for children must be suitable for children's characteristics, durable, easy to lose, easy to wear; children wear electronic wristbands can be made in the shape and color more vivid, Lively and beautiful. The electronic wristband type should select the active, long-distance sensing RFID card to ensure the sensitivity of sensing and the timeliness of the warning.

(2) Parents' RFID cards: used by parents for picking up and visiting children. To ensure that the child is safely and correctly delivered to parents, the parent card should store information consistent with the child care card, plus the child's child care card ID number and parental photos.

(3) Staff and Workers RFID Cards: According to their identities or use rights, the cards can be subdivided into Kindergarten Responsible Cards, Security Management Surveillance Monitor Cards, School Bus Driver Cards, School Bus Escort Cards, Teacher Cards, and Security (or Guard) Cards. Wait. The staff and workers RFID card is mainly used as identification and staff management, and can be used for electronic attendance, access control, and security management system authorization.

Application Analysis of RFID Security Management

(1) Identity System: This is the most basic subsystem in kindergarten safety management. RFID card readers sense different RFID cards to identify cardholders.

(2) Access Control System; Access control is provided in kindergartens, cafeterias, dormitory rooms and other safety-critical places. Only the teaching staff and children's RFID cards have the authority to open the door.

(3) School bus safety monitoring system: The on-board RFID reader automatically obtains accurate numbers of students getting on and off the bus through the electronic wrist strap worn by the students. The actual number of school buses can be displayed in an appropriate position in the car in a visible manner to remind the driver. Avoid leaving the child in the car when the school bus stops and closes the door.

(4) Dangerous area warning system: Induction points (ie, remote high-sensitivity RFID readers) are installed in dangerous areas of kindergartens, buildings (such as deep pools, transformers, roofs, gas pipelines, walkways, etc.) through computer networks. (High speed Ethernet or wireless network) is connected to the security management monitoring center.

During the non-school hours, when the children are near the school gate, the RFID reader at the school gate can also immediately sense the situation. The system will also issue warnings to the monitoring center and the guard on duty to prevent children from being lost or taken away by the bad guys.

(5) Parents visit and visit the system: In order to improve safety, at school time or on a temporary visit, parents must pass the RFID reader set up at the school gate to verify that they can pick up the child.