Bracelet 3 NFC application

- Sep 25, 2018-

Xiaomi bracelet 3 NFC version is the third generation of Xiaomi bracelet series, developed and produced by Xiaomi and Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise Huami Technology. The standard version has been released on May 31, the price is 169 yuan, and the NFC version is priced at 199 yuan. From now on, users can log in to Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi Youpin, Tmall, Jingdong, Suning and other channels to make appointments, Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi There are products, Tmall officially launched on September 19, and other channels will be on sale on September 19.

The technology dog got the time to get this product, but the technology dog is different from the current 3 NFC version of the millet bracelet. The technology dog is a limited edition commemorative version.

The Xiaomi Bracelet 3 NFC Limited Edition has three major features:

1, the only maple leaf red wristband, no longer produced

2, the only laser engraving pattern, global limited code

3, exclusive custom packaging box

Smart wearable products have been developed into three generations in the past years. They are the first generation products represented by step counting, the second generation products with heart rate and screen display, and the NFC supporting brush bus, subway and access control. The latest third-generation version of the product, and the Xiaomi bracelet has always played a leading role in each stage. In the latest third-generation NFC sports bracelet, the Xiaomi bracelet 3 NFC version has higher quality, more Commonly used functions, and support more city bus travel, the price is only 199 yuan, the price is very high, suitable for the majority of users who often use public travel services.

Appearance experience

Xiaomi bracelet 3 NFC version has an elegant drop-shaped appearance, PPI 193 OLED display; 5 ATM waterproof, swim wearable; add sports sub-screen, event reminder and many other new features; improve the scratch resistance of the bracelet panel And the strength and longevity of the wristband. At the same time, the Xiaomi bracelet 3 NFC version still maintains the advantages of the Xiaomi bracelet product line: light, non-feeling; long battery life (15 days of battery life).

Millet Bracelet 3 NFC wristbands are available in 3 colors, including standard graphite black, thermal orange and deep blue, which will be put on the shelves: 2 new colors of wine red and lotus powder.

The Xiaomi Bracelet 3 NFC version increases the strength and longevity of the wristband. First of all, in order to wear comfort, the body of the Xiaomi Bracelet 3 NFC wristband is made of thermoplastic elastomer. The body contact part is made of softer skin-friendly material. The strap is frozen with liquid nitrogen to remove the wrist. The circumference provides a comfortable touch.

Secondly, in order to prevent the rice from falling off, the wristband lining and the outer ring adopt a two-color one-piece molding process, and two times of encapsulation, to increase the PC ring, tightly bite, and firmly wrap the rice body. Finally, the millet bracelet 3 NFC version There are graphite black, thermal orange and deep blue, three different colors to change, to light the mood and life.

According to official information of Xiaomi, the wristband was manually disassembled and tested at the factory by removing the body of the bracelet (rice) from the front and removing it from the back, and then loading the front of the bracelet from the back to remove the body of the bracelet (rice) for one cycle. Tested 2000 times, the wristband was not abnormal.

Quickly view information on a small bracelet, the right screen size and display accuracy are critical. The millet bracelet 3 uses a 0.78-inch OLED display with a pixel density of up to 193 PPI. Up to 24 high-resolution large Chinese characters can be displayed on one screen, which is more recognizable and easier to read. Touch the display to quickly switch between displays.

The Xiaomi Bracelet 3 NFC version uses a custom display with the highest PPI of its kind on the market. Xiaomi bracelet 3 NFC version of the OLED display size of 0.78 inches, resolution 128 X 80, PPI up to 193, high PPI for the small screen bracelet display ubiquitous display sawtooth problem has been greatly improved, customized high resolution The rate display brings an increase in cost, but for better display.

The screen of the Xiaomi Bracelet 3 NFC version uses a high-efficiency driver chip. After the resolution is greatly improved, there is no loss in brightness and power consumption, so that the bracelet 3 still maintains a long battery life advantage. Combined with the high dot matrix font optimized by screen parameters, up to 24 Chinese characters can be displayed on one screen. The text is large and clear, easy to identify, and it is convenient to quickly view the content of the notification message.

In terms of charging, Xiaomi Bracelet 3 basically continues the design of the previous generation product. It is connected by charging the metal contact with the charger. When charging, the main part of the wristband needs to be removed from the wristband, but considering it is about three. Such a disassembly frequency is acceptable for the duration of the week, and the back of the bracelet is a slightly raised PPG heart rate sensor module.

Xiaomi bracelet 3 NFC version of the bracelet waterproof up to 5 ATM *, can also be worn while swimming, further expanding the wearing of the bracelet, daily use is more worry-free. The one-piece black process makes the bracelet look like a transparent emerald on the wrist. The upper panel of the bracelet is UV coated and covered with anti-fingerprint coating to improve the wear resistance of the bracelet panel and make the screen display better.