Can electronic license plates replace traditional license plate image recognition?

- Nov 30, 2018-

Advantages of electronic license plates

1 recognition accuracy is high 丨 based on RFID technology, the recognition rate of electronic license plate can achieve a higher level, which is difficult to achieve by traditional optical license plate recognition;

2 recognition speed is fast 丨 Because the road traffic environment is complex and the speed is fast, then the electronic license plate is required to have a very fast reading speed;

3 Accurately locate the vehicle information 丨 When installing the electronic license plate, write the vehicle related information to avoid the occurrence and detection of the company's private use and theft of the vehicle.

Since this product has advantages, then everything is two-sided, and in some respects, he has his limitations.

Limitations of electronic license plates

1 Visibility 丨 This is the most important information in the public security and traffic control violation information (for example, today the traffic police read the electronic speed license plate to your speeding violation in Nanjing Xinjiekou, but the actual situation is that you have not today Driving on the road, then the real situation is whether your vehicle is illegal, or other vehicles have stolen your electronic license plate, no image, can not be verified);

2 The technical standard of electronic license plate is difficult to determine, and the maintenance cost is high. The electronic license plate involves the personal information of each vehicle in the country, which involves personal privacy. The implementation of this technology, considering safety, should be implemented by national unified standards. It is impossible for any company to participate as in the previous electronic police or bayonet, but in the face of such a large number of vehicles, maintenance is definitely a difficult job;

3 reading distance 丨 Since the electronic license plate application is RFID technology, there must be limitations in reading distance. In some specific scenarios, it is difficult to identify the vehicle information by installing an electronic license plate reading device, and the conventional image recognition , you can achieve the requirements of large shooting distance by configuring the resolution of the lens and camera;

4 Physical accuracy is particularly evident in the electronic police field. Now the traditional electronic police shooting violations require three close-up pictures of the vehicle, namely the front of the parking line, the rear of the parking line and the close-up of the vehicle, and the associated signal information, and the electronic license plate. It is difficult to meet the above requirements.

The license plate recognition is based on the image as the feature to extract the vehicle information, and solves the problem that the electronic license plate does not have visibility. The two are indispensable, and the advantages are complementary, which will bring a new spring for the management of intelligent traffic and smart parking!