Do you know the meaning of pig ear tags?

- Sep 17, 2018-

What are the meanings of pig ear tags? Pig ear tags are used as pig identification to facilitate follow-up quarantine from breeding to slaughter sales. A category of intelligent electronic label classification, mainly used in an animal electronic label for animal husbandry and aquaculture. It is easy to fix and disassemble on pig ears in the domestic pig breeding industry, so it is also called pig ear tag. The pig ear tag consists of two parts: the main standard and the auxiliary standard.

In view of the current state, the state is vigorously promoting the information management of pig breeding and the traceability management of pork and other foods. Pig ear tag as the front-end individual in the whole management system - the best record and collection means of pig breeding information, will be adopted on a large scale. The country can track and monitor the whole process of animals from birth to slaughtering → sales → consumers → final consumption through the identification function of electronic ear tags.

Conducive to animal disease control

The electronic ear tag can manage the ear number of each animal together with the information of its variety, source, production performance, immune status, health status, owner and other information. Once the epidemic and animal product quality problems occur, it can be traced (tracked back). Its source, distinguishing responsibility, plugging loopholes, thereby realizing the scientific and institutionalization of animal husbandry and improving the level of animal husbandry management.

Conducive to safe production

The electronic ear tag is an excellent tool for clear identification and detailed management of a large number of animals. Through the electronic ear tag, the breeding enterprise can detect hidden dangers in time and quickly take corresponding control measures to ensure safe production.

Improve the management level of the farm

In livestock management, the identification of individual animals (pig) is carried out in the form of easy-to-manage ear tags. By assigning each animal (pig) with a uniquely coded ear tag to achieve the unique identification of the individual, it is applied to the pig farm. The ear tag mainly records data such as farm number, pig house number, and pig individual number. After the ear tag is set on each pig in the pig farm to realize the unique identification of the pig individual, the individual use of the hand-held machine to realize the material management, immune management, disease management, death management, weighing management, medication management Daily information management such as the production of records.

Facilitate national safety supervision of livestock products

The electronic ear tag of a pig is carried for life. Through this electronic code, it can be traced back to the pig's production site, acquisition site, slaughterhouse, pork sales flow, if it is sold to cooked food processing vendors In the end, there will be records. This kind of identification function will help to combat a series of participants selling sick and dead pork, supervise the safety of domestic livestock products, and ensure that people eat healthy pork.