Express special label business needs

- May 09, 2019-

FedEx is an international courier group that provides overnight courier, ground express, heavy cargo delivery, document copying and logistics services. It is headquartered in Tennessee, USA and is part of FedEx Corp.

The material of Valéron's powerful film can be used as a printing substrate to provide materials for some cutting-edge applications. We are able to offer both films with and without coating. It is used extensively for air parcel tags, retail price tags, wood pile and steel labels, RFID tags, in-film labels, strong envelopes, outdoor labels and street signs.

Valéron's powerful film has many treatments for printing and printing substrates. It can be used in flexographic, offset, screen printing, embossing, thermal transfer, direct thermal printing, inkjet printing, etc. Tear-resistant, puncture-resistant and weather-resistant, our patented high-strength laminate process has tighter dimensional control, better print results, and easier processing performance than competing products.

In the early stage, Weiwei Technology and FedEx reached a special cooperation in the field of special label consumables, such as: air parcel tag, and expanded into the cooperation of bar code hardware products, such as label printers, label visual reading devices, PDAs. Scanners, etc.

Driven by Weiwei Technology's newly developed bar code management software, Code Shangzhi Huixing Data Management Platform, Weiwei Technology will also reach a deeper cooperation consensus in the field of barcode barcode management as a data carrier. Express bar code refined management upgrade support.