Green label has become the inevitable development of self-adhesive label printing industry

- Apr 14, 2017-

Label printing market space is very large, China's per capita label less than 3 square meters, while the developed countries per capita 15 to 20 square meters; label use space is very large, including food and drug and electronic tags, etc., are reflected in the small label market. Tag varieties are more and more rich; film labels, electronic tags and so on, are the future direction of corporate transformation goals and entry points. According to statistics, the current global bar code paper consumption has more than 42 billion square meters, the global total sales of 73 billion US dollars. Among them, China accounted for 22%, to maintain rapid growth; Western Europe accounted for 27%, slightly lower than the 28% of the United States, while Eastern Europe accounted for only 8%; Japan accounted for 7%, South America accounted for 6%; India and other regions accounted for 4%. In accordance with this trend, China's label printing will soon occupy the world's first. If you do not take effective measures, then the rapid development of the label printing industry is bound to increase the pollution of the environment. So the green environmental protection has become the main direction of the development of the printing industry. Label printing for environmental pollution, both in the printing industry and in the paper industry are reflected. According to the Environmental Protection Administration statistics, the total COD emissions of paper industry up to 168.2 million tons, accounting for 33% of the national industrial emissions, ranking first. So to the market label printing green development to two-pronged approach. Now there are already companies working on this aspect. In terms of environmental protection, Zhongshan Fuchu, Avery Dennison and other enterprises of the new label material is quite prominent.