Guangdong province beyond 326 hospitals can brush social security card settlement

- May 12, 2017-

Shenzhen ginseng protect people in the 326 long-distance medical institutions for medical treatment can be directly and settlement

Which people can enjoy in the province of long-distance medical expense settlement directly?For this problem, the social security and questionnaire survey, 63.6% of respondents answered wrong or said "not clear".In fact, as long as it is basic medical insurance of shenzhen, to participate in either one, second, or third, can enjoy the treatment.

What medical structure into guangdong province long-distance medical direct settlement platform?Provides social security bureau, according to data from 12 on May 3, 2017, the province to implement network settlement 378 medical institutions, including shenzhen, 52 (25 tertiary hospital, secondary hospital and 25 2 class hospital), shenzhen is now the provincial platform online all 326 long-distance medical institutions in shenzhen city outside the medical establishment that decide a dot (see list of specific city social security bureau WeChat male "shenzhen social security").

This means that different ground ginseng protect people can be in shenzhen in guangdong province the 52 hospitals social security CARDS, other cities of guangdong province according to the specific requirements of ginseng to social security institutions, choose shenzhen online settlement is directly as a long-distance medical hospital hospital medical institutions.Shenzhen ginseng may in this 326 different medical institutions to see the doctor, hospital directly shenzhen social security CARDS can direct settlement reimbursement, do not need to go back to shenzhen with a bill for reimbursement.It is reported, by the end of March 2017, shenzhen ginseng protect people through the provincial new platform complete settlement 5146 person-time, involving cost more than 126 million yuan.

Settlement is directly long-distance medical treatment includes only the hospitalization expense

It is worth noting that in guangdong province on the implementation of long-distance medical treatment fee settlement directly, only including hospitalization expenses, office visit is not involved;In different ground when go to a doctor in the province, if you want to enjoy and reimbursement ratio in deep treatment of the same, need to be dealt with in time according to related regulations referral or beyond the doctor put on record formalities.

Shenzhen ginseng protect people not according to the relevant provisions in a timely manner to deal with referral or beyond the doctor put on record formalities, on their own to the above 326 hospital hospitalization medical expenses incurred, in conformity with the fund of medical treatment insurance to pay limits, can be directly with the social security card billing, ratio of charge to an account as stipulated in the "shenzhen social medical insurance method" should pay 90% of the standard pay.Outside the city medical institutions have referral or for the record in accordance with the provisions, the hospital starting line is 400 yuan, does not make referral or registration in accordance with the provisions of 1000 yuan.

Not all diseases are outside referral may be required

"Shenzhen ginseng protect people in deep no matter what kind of disease, can request outside referral?"This survey shows that only half of the respondents answered right is "no".It is understood that, in accordance with relevant provisions of the "shenzhen social medical insurance method", by the city or municipal city third-level hospital specialized subject hospital examination consultation failed to diagnose disease and are not equipment or technology, diagnosis and treatment of the critically ill patient and disease are published by the administrative department of city society insurance referral diseases, medical institutions for medical treatment outside can be transferred to the city.Outside the city to accept referral medical institutions should be transferred out of the medical institutions at the same level or above of the local medical insurance fixed-point medical institutions.

Who can deal with different treatment for the record?Learned, shenzhen hukou ginseng and ginseng protect people outside the city of reaching legal and emeritus age to live for a long time, but in the long term residence selected three local fixed-point medical institutions of medical treatment insurance as the treatment of medical institutions, and to the institution of social security for the record;City express enterprise ginseng protect people, to send outside for a long term medical establishment that decide a dot can be selected three local medical insurance as the treatment of medical institutions, and to the social insurance agencies for the record.

It is understood that at present, shenzhen directly settle long-distance medical breakthrough again, start national docking platform, selected shenzhen hospital, shenzhen, southern medical university hospital, the third people's hospital of shenzhen, shenzhen nanshan district people's hospital, shenzhen luohu district people's hospital and the people's hospital of shenzhen nanshan shekou six medical institutions, medical institutions as the first docking platform.In 2017 by the end of June, will complete the inter-provincial long-distance direct settlement system construction, alignment test, the official opening long-distance medical settlement directly across the province.