High speed ETC channel

- Jul 13, 2018-

With the gradual improvement of China's high-speed travel, more and more car owners have begun to choose to install ETC Express cards. This past is still a new thing, but now it has become less mysterious. A very common phenomenon, to be honest, the ETC channel can completely avoid queuing, and there are very few people handling it. It is often seen at high speed that artificial channels are arranged in a car, but ETC channels are few, and ETC channels are not available. Is it not good?

Since we want to talk about it in detail, the first thing to add to the concept is the word ETC! ETC is the non-stop electronic toll collection system, which is the most advanced road and bridge charging method in the world. Through the microwave-specific short-range communication between the vehicle-mounted electronic tag mounted on the windshield of the vehicle and the microwave antenna on the ETC lane of the toll station, the computer networked technology is used to perform background settlement processing with the bank. I often know that a person running at a high speed knows that high-speed driving is particularly boring. In addition to the car or the car on the high-speed, it is easy to go through a toll booth and pass a cold ETC channel, which is even more boring. That's not the same. You can also see the toll collectors, squatting with the tollers and then going. All deductions are settled at the end of the month, which is very convenient! There are many advantages to handling ETC vehicles. In addition to saving time, each family is competing for service and competition. ETC has a discount on the payment, so it is also popular among consumers.

There is also an ETC lane at the high speed. When the vehicle passes, there is no need to stop paying the bill, etc. When you enter the high speed, you don't need to park the ticket, which saves the driving time and does not need to be queued! Generally, only the people who often run high speed Will go to the ETC, convenient and fast, more importantly, do not queue. There are two kinds of people who don't care about ETC. One is to run east and west for business purposes, and the other is a variety of service vehicles. This requires frequent running at high speeds, and ETC will be very convenient and practical. In fact, there are reasons. Many people who have a car will actually have friends or relatives to borrow a car. Once they run at a high speed, they must have a toll. Some people cant get a face for this money to go with friends or relatives. . Another point, some media have announced that some car owners have lost money because of the use of ETC, and many people are worried about it. This is one of them, but in fact, such a situation can be said to be rare, just a case.

Most ETCs are handled at the bank. Additional credit cards are required. Some fees are required. Some banks are free to apply, but they need to go to the bank to check the card. They still need their own. The installation is a third-party organization, so it still takes one day. At the time, sometimes third-party installations can't be door-to-door, and can only be opened to relevant points. In the face of the small policy of free passage for holidays, the owners of ETC still need to take the ETC lane, the free passage will give monthly repayments, etc., and also increase the misunderstanding between the owners.