How does the sticker label be automatically labeled?

- Apr 14, 2017-

Production development of the increasingly high demand for automation, many manufacturers have self-adhesive labels are manually labeled, the first is relatively cheap labor costs, the second is the labeling equipment expensive and labeling technology is not mature, many boss would rather please Artificially spend a little time labeling. Manual labeling is not a unified standard and management, resulting in product quality on the non-performing rate rise, in addition, the labor costs are very high, the cost of manual paste stickers is much higher than the automatic labeling machine, In this case, the manufacturers of the best choice is self-adhesive label automatic labeling machine, not only high efficiency and quality assurance, the following brief introduction to self-adhesive labeling process:

Round bottle label, can be labeled single and double standard, is back double standard spacing can be flexibly adjusted; with a cone-shaped bottle labeling function; matching positioning device positioning can be achieved in the circumferential surface designated location labeling. Here we introduce the beverage bottle labeling machine labeling process:

The product is sent to the conveyor belt (can be connected to the pipeline), the sensor detects the product through, return the signal to the labeling control system, in the appropriate position control system to control the corresponding motor to send the label and attached to the product to be labeled position, Standard, a label affixed to complete the action.