How many working modes does NFC function have?

- Sep 22, 2018-

Since its inception, NFC technology has been applied to various industries due to its high transmission bandwidth, high security, low energy consumption, etc. What is the working mode of so-called NFC? Near Field Communication (NFC) Short-range wireless communication is a short-range high-frequency wireless communication technology that allows non-contact point-to-point data transmission (within 10 cm) to exchange data between electronic devices. NFC technology is a sub-category of RFID technology. RFID includes long distance and short distance. NFC is mainly short-distance communication and backward compatible with RFID. The difference between NFC technology and RFID is reflected in communication distance and functionality.

Currently NFC has three modes of operation:

Card emulation:

This model is actually equivalent to an IC card using RFID technology, which can replace the use of a large number of IC cards (including credit cards), such as shopping malls, bus cards, access control, tickets, tickets and so on. In this way, there is a great advantage that the card is powered by the RF field of the contactless reader, even if the host device (such as a mobile phone) is dead.

Point-to-point mode (P2P mode):

This mode is similar to infrared, and can be used for data exchange, but the transmission distance is short, the transmission creation speed is faster, the transmission speed is faster, and the power consumption is lower (Bluetooth is similar). Wirelessly link two NFC-enabled devices for point-to-point data transfer, such as downloading music, exchanging pictures, or synchronizing device address books. Therefore, through NFC, data or services can be exchanged between multiple devices such as digital cameras, PDAs, computers, and mobile phones.

Reader/writer mode:

Used as a contactless reader, such as reading related information from posters or electronic information on exhibition information. It can also realize data exchange between NFC mobile phones, which will bring a lot of convenience for file sharing in enterprise environment or for multi-player game applications.