How RFID technology works in vehicle cylinder management

- Jun 19, 2019-

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the way of travel is also diversified, and the pursuit of life is gradually becoming higher, and family cars become common. Gasoline prices have always been the focus of attention, and more and more private cars are reducing the cost of driving through “oil to gas”. With the increase of "oil-to-gas" vehicles, there are also some safety hazards, and the safety accidents of vehicle cylinders caused by the filling and non-standardization of vehicle cylinders have occurred frequently. Illegal modification, unlicensed reloading, over-inspection cycle use and other violations will be improved through RFID technology. The gas cylinder RFID electronic label monitoring system will play a major role and significance in vehicle cylinders.

By matching the vehicle's gas cylinders with special RFID electronic tags, the illegal cylinder filling is eliminated, and the timely, dynamic and full life cycle supervision of the vehicle cylinders can be realized. RFID electronic tags are like electronic ID cards for taxis. Each car is unique. It can record information such as modification, filling, registration, inspection, etc. of vehicles, owners and cylinders, and automatically input refueling information when refueling. . As long as the handheld is used for reading, the vehicle's cylinder volume, license plate number, cylinder expiration date, cylinder registration number and other information are all displayed, and the staff can see it on the computer.

Gas cylinder RFID electronic label supervision

The electronic label dynamic supervision system effectively solves the problem that the investigation of vehicle-mounted gas cylinders is difficult, the law enforcement supervision is difficult, the filling is difficult, and the cylinder inspection is difficult. The problem of traditional supervision is insufficient. The implementation of different regulatory standards and the failure of unqualified cylinders to be filled and banned repeatedly eliminated the safety hazards of vehicle cylinders and effectively prevented the occurrence of safety accidents. The application of electronic tags to the safety supervision of gas cylinders not only improves the safety level of gas cylinders, but also facilitates the construction of gas cylinder safety traceability systems.

The automatic identification technology of RFID has the characteristics of non-contact, long-distance reading and large amount of chip information storage, which enables operators and administrative supervisors to identify and operate dangerous chemical cylinders by reading electronic tags. Greatly reduce the probability of accidents and reduce the difficulty of handling after the accident. Because the production process of each enterprise and the actual needs of various cylinders are different, the data that needs to be stored on the label is also very different.

The operating environment of dangerous chemical gas cylinder related enterprises is relatively complicated, the degree of network and informationization is generally poor, and the ability to bear the cost of informationization is limited. Therefore, it is necessary to further study and develop an electronic tag (RFID) management system with lower operating costs, so that it can be more widely applied in dangerous chemical gas cylinder related enterprises.

Gas cylinder RFID electronic label supervision

"RFID + QR code" electronic label and software platform form a complete "civilian cylinder intelligent supervision system", implement a bottle and one sign system for gas cylinders, realize automatic filling control, only inflate qualified cylinders, put an end to During the period, the gas cylinder is not inspected and inflated; the information management of the whole process of the gas cylinder is realized, and the real-time monitoring and real-time recording of the filling, user, inspection and scrapping of the gas cylinder are carried out, and the responsible persons of each link are clearly defined to completely eliminate human negligence. Through the software platform, the file management system used by the filling unit, the report management system used by the gas cylinder inspection department, and the gas cylinder safety management system used by the quality inspection department are integrated to realize the interconnection and interoperability of the three-party data and establish a dynamic supervision mode.

With the improvement of living standards, the use of liquefied petroleum gas cylinders has become more convenient and the use is increasing. Liquefied petroleum gas has many safety factors such as wide use, large quantity, large liquidity, harsh use environment and regulatory means, which has caused many safety hazards. RFID technology plays a key role in gas cylinder management. Through RFID technology, the identity of gas cylinders can be quickly and accurately identified, and the production efficiency can be improved. At the same time, the gas cylinders to be inspected can be prevented from flowing into the production process, resulting in quality hazards.