How to use mobile phone's NFC?

- Jan 24, 2019-

How to use mobile phone's NFC?

  Near field communication technology can be understood as a contactless transmission scheme, some similar to Bluetooth, but faster and more convenient than Bluetooth, and a wider range of applications. Recently, the popular mobile phone brush bus of the news media is a typical NFC technology application. In fact, this phone has replaced bus card technology in many first-tier cities for many years, but I don't know why the media has recently become a major news report. NFC is a new technology for many people.

As below is typical NFC tags. Siliconw wristband for events:


In theory, in addition to bus cards, NFC can replace most contactless cards, such as community company access cards, canteen meal cards, bank cards, shopping cards, etc., mainly used in cards and other units, such as property can provide services You can use this software to inject the corresponding card into an NFC-enabled mobile phone (except for Apple, because the current Apple shutdown policy currently only opens NFC's applepay feature, and the next upcoming bus card feature). In addition, many digital cameras and cameras now feature NFC, so sharing photos and videos from your camera to your mobile phone is easy. It is very convenient to transfer around the mobile phone, which is more convenient than wireless transmission of the camera. 

Typical application in Key chain:


If you want to play some NFC apps, you can also purchase some NFC tags, which makes it easy to switch phone modes, such as placing NFC tags in the car and touching the tags when you enter the cab. Go to the settings related to the driving mode you set.

Typcal application in payment: