How to use NFC in different application field?

- Mar 05, 2019-

NFC Chinese name: Near Field Communication. It is similar to Bluetooth and WIFI, except that it has a shorter distance than Bluetooth communication, and can only complete communication within 10cm. The communication speed is not high, far less than Bluetooth, and there is no wifi fast. However, its advantages are also obvious. Communication is very convenient, and only the NFC areas of the two devices are close to each other.

NFC application one: offline shopping payment.

Apple pays for the iPhone, I believe everyone knows it, it’s cool, the fingerprint on the phone is verified, then the phone is close to the POS machine, and the payment is completed~~

NFC application two: brush bus card.

In fact, it is also a shopping payment, and Apple pay is a truth, this time NFC is equivalent to a virtual electronic card, the authentication and deduction in the communication process. With NFC, you can take a lot of cards with your body.

NFC Application 3: Recharge the bus card.

This and payment functions are somewhat different. At this time, NFC is similar to an SD card reader. It can be read and written. It can write information to the IC card, such as writing the recharge amount.

NFC application four: connect headphones, speakers to listen to music.

NFC-enabled headphones or speakers can be paired with the phone to complete Bluetooth pairing, without having to search for devices and set pairing information.

In fact, the NFC chip on the earphone or speaker records the Bluetooth information of the device, and the Bluetooth information is transmitted to the mobile phone through NFC at a close moment, thereby completing the Bluetooth connection.

Recommended reason: Dell stereo Bluetooth audio, support NFC connection, can play continuously for up to 10 hours. After professional tuning by Waves Audio, the treble is transparent and the bass dive has depth.

NFC application five: connect to the wireless router.

You can manually route the SSID and enter the password. If you close it, the phone can connect to the route. Is it very convenient? The reason is the same as the NFC connected Bluetooth device.

NFC application six: mobile phone and TV sharing screen.

There are many ways to realize the sharing of pictures between mobile phones and TVs, but NFC undoubtedly greatly improves the convenience of operation.

NFC Application Seven: Electronic Key for Access Control.

Electronic access control has been widely used, and NFC-enabled mobile phones can also replace electronic keys. Later, the keys can be used less. The operation is not too complicated, just need to read the ID of the key through the mobile phone NFC, and then modify the ID of the NFC of the mobile phone.

NFC application eight: file, photo transfer.

Face-to-face documents and NFC for photo transfer are also very convenient. The transmission speed of NFC itself is not fast, only 424kbit/s, which is about 50KB/s. However, after NFC is responsible for device pairing, wifi direct connection transmission is very fast.

The application scenario of NFC is of course more than that, it will become more and more extensive, like printers with NFC function. The NFC function should also gradually become the standard for mobile phones, so you should choose NFC-enabled functions as much as possible, otherwise you will be out.