NFC technology brings to the mobile phone entrance guard system of imagination

- May 12, 2017-

Mobile phone is necessary belongings, gradually replace the original living object, including the key, entrance card, credit card and ticket...Etc., NFC technology how to through the portable equipment application in human life?

NFC (Near Field Communication, close Communication technology) is not new technology, it is only recently issues related to the application of more and more, especially the topic of the third party payment was over, we also concern to suddenly, mobile phone in the case of non-contact machine can mutual induction and achieve the purpose of payment, is the use of NFC technology, the most typical example is the public transportation card.NFC technology is?Its application level in where?

The development of the NFC reason is what?NFC is the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification, wireless Radio Frequency Identification) and Internet technology evolved on the basis of fusion, this is the contactless technology and RFID technology development and innovation, is a kind of short-range wireless communication technology standard.


Contact connection, such as the two built-in NFC device connected, for point-to-point data transmission, for example, download music and pictures each other and synchronous exchange communication book, etc.

Contact browsing, a built-in NFC devices can easily browse seamlessly stored in another NFC function of the information in the device.

The NFC is widely used in mobile phones, mobile phone induction other equipment to achieve the function of wireless transmission is not new, but because the mobile phone is indispensable to modern items, thus from phones NFC function to extend application is more and more widely.To talk about intelligent building category, NFC in the application of entrance guard system have?


After entrance card digital (into a digital certificate) can be easily and safely sent to specify the user's mobile phone or other mobile device, again through the mobile network and cloud to manage the life cycle of a digital certificate, for example, today there are temporary staff need to pass in and out, inside the building management unit can send a "temporary" access credentials to these workers, when a good time to set up, access credentials and failure, safety without doubt.

And with the popularity of NFC, digital door card/certificate may preloading or downloaded to mobile phones, or just a NFC tags on the cell phone or wallet, when a user with NFC mobile phones to open the door, they can simply use their phones to touch the door, just like a traditional door card.Now many European hotel also has use NFC locks, will be before the guest check in the NFC key is sent to the guest's mobile phone, the guests in reserve the same day to the designated room can be directly to their mobile phones to open the door, no longer need to check - in counter.

We can even anticipate, in the near future, NFC will disappear to entrance guard at the door, through mobile phone users only need to touch NFC volume label on the door, the door system will position (or ID) and the user credentials and the visitor location combination, used as required to open the door to the entrance guard system for instructions.

Furthermore, the entrance guard system administrator, can also through the NFC mobile phones, replace the different function of door card at any time, at different crisis situations, different grades of commands sent to the entrance guard system, certain areas to lock the door or remove area entrance guard to channel the crowds.

NFC in the future there will be what kind of development trend?

NFC is by an independent technology and application, gradually integrated into the IOT (Internet Of Things, the Internet Of Things) part Of the world.Internet of things refers to the various items are connected to the network, including from intelligent thermostat, garage doors, as small as a toothbrush, heartbeat sensors, and even the furniture of the room and light bulbs.

Iot system is a collection of related to the user's habits and the way of using data such as data, connected to an application (APP), are then provided to the cloud or big data server for data analysis, in order to improve the quality of the user's life, even can provide the use and consumption of information products to manufacturers to predict consumer demand and improve the quality of the product.

NFC as its starting and connection of starter, in helping to mobile device or sensor device pairing bluetooth or WIFI devices for instant, play an important role.NFC is the most important and of course payment functions, such as Google Wallet (Google Wallet) and Apple Apple Pay.NFC, however, a potential problem and challenge is how to improve its security, but did not reduce and affect the user experience.

Any technology more hasten is mature, we actually see it the less chance will instead, because it can be embedded into the different technologies and applications, and everywhere.