NFC applications are so extensive?

- Nov 15, 2018-

NFC has been in existence for a long time. Why did it enter our sights in recent years? Japan first promoted NFC, but in other regions, the market seems to be bleak. In 2004, Nokia launched the world's first NFC product - Nokia 3220, but because there is no practical function, NFC can only be a gimmick.

To this day, with the popularity of mobile payment, NFC technology has once again become the darling of major mobile phone manufacturers.

Mobile payment

Compared to the scan code payment mode, NFC's contact payment mode is obviously faster and safer.

At present, major banks have launched the "mobile wallet function", mobile phone manufacturers also add "wallet function" (such as: Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Mi Pay, etc.) to the mobile phone to pay directly by using the mobile phone "swipe card".

In terms of traffic, the NFC device can be used to automatically open the gateway by touching the card reading area of the gate, which integrates the function of the traffic card onto the NFC device. In London, there are 8,500 buses that support NFC payments, and passengers can use a debit card, credit card or top-up card to pay for transportation on an NFC reader.

Using the mobile phone as a bank card and a transportation card is achieved by card simulation.

2. File transfer

Similar to mobile phone Bluetooth, after both phones have the NFC function turned on, the phone can be connected to establish a connection, and then you can choose to transfer or receive files.

Nowadays, many cameras and photo printers also transmit images quickly and easily via NFC, which is convenient and fast.

3. Book publishing

For books, the controversy has always been whether e-books will replace paper books. The arrival of NFC technology will also change the original mode of book publishing.

In 2012, Albuquerque City in the United States launched NFC books. The book integrates eight NFC chips, which can be viewed through NFC devices. Interactive, infotainment, personalization, social media, etc. can be added. Different reading experiences, especially after the addition of video, games, and social features, paper books have become colorful.

4. Retailer Super

The use of NFC in retail has also become popular. In October 2012, the French Casino supermarket chain announced the pilot of the world's first NFC supermarket. In the supermarket, users read NFC tags on the shelves through NFC mobile phones, and then the customer's NFC mobile phone will display the product list and supply information. , video materials, prices and other related information. At the same time, supermarkets can understand the preferences of consumers through the number of times the tags are read, further arrange the humanization of the shelves and promote consumption.

NFC has many functions in the research and development stage, and has not fully entered our lives. The potential of NFC is still being studied all over the world.

The latest iPhone XS and iPhone XR all use NFC payment as a payment method to continue to use. Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, Meizu and other brands gradually adopt NFC function as a standard. It is conceivable that NFC technology will be more widely applied soon. We have all aspects of clothing, food, housing and travel.

The future can be...