Product Quality Traceability System

- Jun 13, 2018-

1, production management problems

◇ How do you find out the real problem when the product has a quality defect?

In the case of quality defects, how can we minimize the scope of the recall?

◇ How to prevent mistakes in materials, assembly errors, jump process production, product mix and product delivery errors?

◇ How to ensure that the operator correctly assembles processed products according to the production process requirements, in line with temperature, precision, and torque requirements?

What is the production progress of the orders placed by the day before yesterday? How much is the production plan now completed and can you complete the production plan today?

◇ Can you trace all production process information of this batch of products according to PN, can you trace all products of this batch material back to the batch number?

What is the reason for the delay in the production schedule? Which is the bottleneck station that causes a slow production cycle?

What is the capacity of this team in the past week and how many defective products are there?

◇ Is there any problem or fault in the production site that can be automatically alarmed and quickly located so that managers can deal with it in a timely manner?

Can we abolish the manual statements and automatically count the production quantity, qualification rate and defect code of each process...

2. BLN-PTS (Product Quality Traceability System)

The enterprise solved the problems at the business level through the ERP system implementation. At the planning level, he was able to integrate the company's existing production resources and compile the production plan. However, it was unable to collect the data of the production process in a timely and accurate manner, resulting in disadvantages based on the site. Data for effective production tracking. Many more enterprise products must enter the international market (especially the European and American markets), and establishing a reliable and comprehensive product quality traceability system becomes a necessary condition.

BLN-PTS (Balilan Mobile Production Traceability System) is based on bar code|RFID mobile real-time product quality traceability system, mainly for medium and large enterprises. The project system is equipped with special equipment (RFID reading and writing equipment, barcode collector, PDA, LED production kanban, PLC, sensors, I/O, DCS, PC and other hardware) at the production site. System for real-time data collection, tracking, error prevention, monitoring and control of the entire production process of finished products entering the warehouse is enhanced by controlling plant resources including materials, warehouses, equipment, personnel, quality, processes, process instructions and facilities. Product production level, ensure product quality, improve the competitiveness of enterprises. At the same time, when product quality problems arise, it can be traced quickly to safeguard consumer interests and corporate image.

3, product module

◇ Item identification: use barcodes | RFID tags to identify raw materials, components, and products to be traced back;

◇ Product Definition: Maintain product data, product composition list (BOM), define product process flow and process process information;

◇ Factory modelling: Maintain site information such as factories, departments, workshops, production lines, work stations, equipment, and shifts;

◇ Production execution: data collection, process control, etc. at the production site;

◇Quality management: quality inspection, defective product discovery, defective product handling, quality analysis, etc.;

◇ Production monitoring: production tasks and progress monitoring, production site monitoring and alarms;

◇ Quality traceability: comprehensive, multi-version, multi-level, forward and reverse product quality traceability;

◇ Smart Reports: Intelligent analysis of various production status reports and data trends.

◇ System Management: Users and Rights Management.

4, production site control

Scan at the same time in the production site for process control at the same time, including:

◇ Feeding control: whether the input material type is accurate, whether the amount is accurate, and QC is qualified;

◇ Process Control: Whether the processing meets the process requirements of precision, temperature, strength, pressure, and time;

◇ Sequential control: Whether the process is processed according to the process flow sequence, and a jump process appears to reject the alarm;

实 Planned performance: The number of production plans, actual results, and the number of defective products can be visualized (such as LED screens), and the production status can be grasped in real time;

◇ On-site monitoring: Monitor the status of each operation point, and respond to the machine's shutdown or automatic fault alarm in a timely manner.

5, retrospective analysis and recall

When a product quality problem occurs, the key information can be queried from the product quality tracking system (BLN-PTS) through the product serial number (bar code):

Product composition information: raw material, component composition information.

Production process information: production history information, process parameter information, repair history, and processing.

Then analyze the root causes of quality problems:

Component issues can further trace the root causes of component quality problems;

The problem of raw materials can be further traced to incoming batches and suppliers;

Problems with a batch of raw materials or components

The reverse system can be used to reverse query all problematic products that use the batch of raw materials or components to achieve rapid recall and problem handling.


Find the root causes of problems, distinguish responsibilities, make improvements, improve product quality, increase customer satisfaction, enhance market competitiveness, and enhance the overall quality of the company!

6, product features

Product Quality Traceability System (BLN-PTS) Key Advantages:

Comprehensive, multi-version, multi-level, forward and reverse traceability

◎ When the product has quality problems, you can inquire the product's comprehensive production process information, including operator, shift, time, work order, line station, raw material supplier, raw material batch, key component ID, process parameters, quality inspection Status, rework history, product processing route, etc.; and through the retroactive function, query all other products of the batch of problematic raw material batches, quickly locate all problem products, reduce the scope of recall, and speed up problem handling.

◇Designed with bar code|RFID, wireless and other technologies

◎ Support various item identification methods, including barcode labels, RFID electronic labels, commodity codes, batch barcodes, single product barcodes, etc.;

◎ Based on the customer's job site, adopt appropriate data collection methods, including barcode collectors, PDAs, RFID devices, industrial computers, scanners, and PLCs.

◎ Support wireless (WIFI, radio frequency, Bluetooth, GPRS, 3G), offline batch processing, fixed-point transmission batch processing and other communication methods.

◇ Visualized production site management

◎ Support real-time feedback of production site conditions through LED screens, including production schedules and schedules, operating point failures, and handling reminders.

◇ Powerful drag-and-drop custom features:

◎ Support label style, product processing flow, process operation screen drag and customize, deal with label, product flow, process process changes, reduce development and maintenance costs.

◇ Supports multi-language, client-side automatic program updates:

◎ Traceability software can support languages such as Chinese, English, and Japanese; the client program at the job site can be automatically updated, greatly reducing the workload of the customer's IT department.

◇ Stable, efficient, and multi-concurrent processing capabilities:

◎ Traceability software is built on top of the BLNSys platform. It has the advantages of supporting large amounts of data (more than one billion records), high concurrency, fast response, stability, and strong scalability.

7, system structure

The product quality traceability system (BLN-PTS) is built on top of the BLNSys technology platform, which is divided into three layers: client, middleware server, and database server.

(1) Client: responsible for data collection and other processing, data from PC, PDA, RFID equipment, barcode collector, process equipment, PLC, DCS, etc.;

(2) Middleware server: responsible for business logic processing, accepting client requests, accessing databases, etc.;

(3) Database server: Responsible for the storage of system data and some hotspot business logic stored procedure execution.

The client, middleware server, and database server can be deployed separately. The middleware supports distributed and cluster deployment, and supports multiple operating modes such as Web Service, Console, and Window Service. In addition, the system supports automatic updates and multiple languages.

The Product Quality Traceability System (BLN-PTS) supports multiple data collection methods:

◇ The system supports a variety of terminal acquisition methods, including PCs, barcode collectors, RFID devices, PDAs, scanners, and Ethernet acquisition devices;

◇ The system supports multiple device acquisition methods, including BCR, serial port, PLC, RJ45, electronic scale, etc.

◇ The system supports multiple communication acquisition methods, including batch processing and wireless communication.

8, ERP integration

Product Quality Traceability System (BLN-PTS) ERP Integration Adapter Component allows easy integration of many mainstream ERP systems: SAP (R3\ECC\SBO), ORACLE (EBS\JDE), HipTop, UF (U8\ NC), Kingdee (K3), etc., to realize the interconnection of material information, process list (BOM), production plan (MO) and schedule.