Production of low temperature resistant labels

- Apr 14, 2017-

(1) the establishment of the database. The database file should include all the information needed for variable data printing. Note that the items added should be misaligned so that information can be merged later. For example, the attributes of the vehicle are the amount of exhaust, power, and so on. Of the different content integration, such as the length of the text and the size of the picture to be roughly the same to ensure that all content can be displayed correctly on the page.

The database is only used to provide variable information, in general, select the Excel table, and finally saved as. Csv format can be. In this case the database is "steam .csv" file, part of the database content.

(2) merge the variable and immutable elements in the variable data software.

Step 1: Connect to the database. Through the "data source - the new data source" will be the database "steam .csv" to connect to the file security printing, and choose to use the form for the "steam #csv", to achieve the initial static and dynamic information merger.

Variable data printing industry is an advanced technology, the printing industry is another big leap, technological innovation, equipment innovation, not only to promote the development of production, while the label added value increases, variable data printing Implies a kind of security features, because each label is the only number and content, in the hands of manufacturers and consumers to ensure that the product is unique, can effectively combat fake and shoddy products soaring, which is variable data printing Magical place.