RFID garment production line management solution

- Jun 11, 2018-

With the development trend of economic globalization, traditionally intensive processing and manufacturing industries, such as garments, electronics and other industries, have higher and higher manufacturing costs for single items, and processing profits are becoming lower and lower. In order to improve the overall profitability of enterprises, the company’s management is optimized. Processes, through the transformation of information to improve production efficiency has become an effective means.

In the production process of traditional manufacturing companies, most production models are based on single-piece production models. The biggest drawback of this production line model is that in some bottleneck processes, a large amount of semi-manufactured products will be built up, if the processes are complicated and With many production processes, this phenomenon will be even more serious. These problems have weakened managers' ability to predict, control and adapt to the production cycle, and have become increasingly difficult to cope with the large number of orders and short delivery deadlines.

The production line management system based on RFID technology has become one of the effective solutions to solve the above problems. By using RFID technology, the system can automatically collect production data and equipment status data, and provide production managers with “real-time data” of all process links in the production line, and can Combining the process characteristics of various process equipments and relevant process and quality index parameters, on-line monitoring and analysis of production information such as process parameters and equipment operating parameters of important production processes can help enterprises to realize the measurement of semi-finished products and finished products in the production process. Warehousing and warehouse management automation and information integration, so that the production operations to carry out automatic real-time tracking, can effectively supervise the various production positions, the stability of product quality and the implementation rate of process parameters to monitor.

Automatic hours calculation, automatic production calculation

The RFID production line management system uses electronic ticket to replace the traditional paper ticket, uses an RFID tag for each single item on the production line, and installs an RFID data collection terminal on each station. When the worker completes a job each time, the system automatically sends the information of the workpiece to the computer system through the RFID collection device, and the system automatically completes piece rate calculation and various production statistics.

Automatic tracking management to increase production efficiency

The system supervises the production of each workshop in the production process, the whereabouts of all the fabrics, and the completion of each worker's situation. It can understand the order completion status in real time, promote the work of the workers, and increase the production efficiency. Intelligent data collection, reducing human errors The system uses RFID technology to automatically collect data during production planning, dosing, cutting, sewing and other production processes to avoid errors caused by human factors.