RFID Label Paper Adhesive Contrast and Selection

- May 21, 2018-

There are three types of self-adhesive glue on the market: hot-melt adhesives, hydrosols (usually called water glues), solvent glues (oil glues), and Shenzhen Huxinheng Technology Co., Ltd The characteristics of the glue and application occasions.

First, hot melt adhesive

The glue is used most often in ordinary stickers. Its advantages and disadvantages are as follows

[Advantage] It is a rubber-based adhesive. Strong liquidity, strong viscosity, suitable for low temperature labeling (5 to 10 degrees below zero) and non-toxic in environmental protection; the labeling effect is better than hydrosol in the case of trace oil or water on the surface of the sticker.


A, not high temperature, can only be used below 70 degrees

B. The process is sensitive to temperature. In the winter, if the temperature is kept below 15 degrees Celsius, it will become hard and brittle.

C, poor reproducibility

D, can not be attached to the PVC material on the stickers

Applications: Labeling environments that do not require too high temperatures, such as food, pharmaceuticals, supermarket labels, etc.

Second, hydrosol

[Advantage] It belongs to acrylic adhesive. Strong viscosity, most hydrosols are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, while water-soluble glues are more resistant to heat than hot melt adhesives. Most hydrosols are resistant to temperatures below 90° Celsius, and some hydrosols can tolerate 150°C or so.

[Disadvantages] Low-temperature labeling performance is poor, there are slight water or oil stains on the sticker, and it is difficult for the hydrosol to exert its viscosity, because of the poor flow of the hydrosol.

Range of application: Apply to food, medicine, daily chemical products, and some industrial labels that require strict environmental protection

Third, solvent glue

[Advantage] An adhesive that dissolves and coats the adhesive with a solvent as a medium. Strong stickiness, not easy to overflow glue, high temperature resistance and can adapt to outdoor labeling

[Disadvantages] Not environmental protection, the vast majority of solvent glue is toxic, and the price is high

Applications: Applied to electronic labels and some labels for high temperature labeling environments

    In addition to the above characteristics, the glue is also related to the processing technology of the manufacturer. We must also pay attention to the following: At the time of initial bonding, the adhesive is much more viscous than the adhesive, but if you try it after 24 hours, you will find that the label using water glue is much better than Hot melt adhesives are difficult to peel off. This is because of the slow flowability of the water glue, and the reason why the glue under the label is finally completely adhered to the surface of the adherend within 20 hours after the labeling.

    Solvent adhesives are used in electronic circuits due to their high price and they are not widely used in the general field. They include SMT solder furnaces, ESD, cable cables, hot rail steel, aluminum, pottery, flame-retardant materials, and bar code identification. The field of chemical resistance.