RFID Mold Tool Management Solution

- May 03, 2018-

RFID mold management refers to the deployment of RFID electronic tag readers at the point of use of molds and warehouses, the installation of RFID electronic tags on molds and mold locations, the establishment of a node network for mold tracking, and the definition of the process or quality of these production object nodes. Parameters, according to the batch, the module to the mold parameters collection, analysis of the correlation of the process or quality parameters, support the whole plant material production and processing tracking process. The entire system utilizes advanced RFID automatic identification technology to obtain real-time production data, inventory data, quality inspection data, and mobile data for each mold production point at the site. Through the collection, organization, and analysis of all production parameter measurement information in the production floor, the material is improved. Data collection and entry of production units, equipment, and warehouse instruments involved in the production process provide reliable guarantees for material movement, processing, inventory and equipment, management decision-making, and shop costing for various production activities.

The main function:

1, mold life cycle management, in the mold to install RFID electronic tags as the identity of the mold, from the mold order, mold receiving storage, mold trial, mold machine, oxidation, maintenance and other properties until the mold scrap and other systems are performed The management manages the entire life cycle of the mold system.

2, mold inventory management, in the mold and mold location RFID RFID tags, in the daily inventory, using RFID handheld terminals mold information and location information do mold inventory management; in the mold warehouse door installation of RFID readers Read mold information into and out of the library; improve mold inventory management efficiency.

3, mold management, according to the MES system to select the right mold and the corresponding docking machine to prevent the use of mold errors and over-limit use.