RFID Poultry Production Management System Solution

- Apr 23, 2018-

One, system introduction

In recent years, food safety crisis has frequently occurred in livestock and poultry diseases, severe agricultural product residues, and imported food materials, which have aroused worldwide concern. In China, in addition to the impact of diseases and pollution, there are also phenomena of misuse of veterinary drugs in the breeding process, which seriously affect people's health. How to effectively manage livestock and poultry products has become a pressing global issue.

VALLSUN series - poultry production management system applies RFID technology throughout the poultry production, breeding, slaughter or production processing, circulation, consumption, all processes, strictly control the entire process, established a complete industrial chain of poultry product safety production management system, and use the database Technology, network technology, distributed computer technology, establishment of poultry production and breeding database, information fusion, inquiries, monitoring, providing processes for food safety, food ingredient sources, and rational decision-making for each link and process in the final consumer field to achieve production safety Early warning mechanism. This results in the production of closed-loop production and sales of poultry products companies, to ensure the provision of quality assured food to the community, and to ensure the high-quality data exchange in the supply chain, so that the poultry food industry can thoroughly implement the traceability of food sources and ensure the completeness of the food supply chain. transparency.

Through the construction of the system, the automatic information transmission in the whole process of poultry breeding is completed. That is, the production file of the product is continuously perfected along with the production process. When the end consumer purchases food, the production file of the product will be obtained at the same time. It can truly achieve openness, transparency, and informed consumption. It can also enhance the company's safety and quality management level, realize the traceability management of products, and change the previous product quality and safety focus on post-production control, while ignoring the prevention and control in production. Improve the technical specifications of poultry food processing, health standards and production certification standards, and drive the overall progress of the industry, and comprehensively improve the level of China's food industry.

Second, the system structure

The VALLSUN series-poultry production management system can guarantee the safety of poultry foods and traceability throughout, regulate the four steps of production, processing, circulation and consumption. Poultry food will be issued with an electronic ID card-all before affixing an RFID electronic watch and establishing food products. Safety database, starting from the food aquaculture and production and processing links, to track and trace the entire process from the farm to the table, including all information in transportation, packaging, packaging, sales and other circulation processes, such as production bases, processing companies , Distribution companies, etc. can be found in the database through electronic tags.

The VALLSUN series - poultry production management system includes:

Three hierarchical network resource platform systems, public service platform systems and application service platform systems. The secondary nodes are composed of key detection nodes in the food supply chain and safety production supervision data center and the food industry chain. The data center provides plenty of storage space for traceability and safety monitoring data of poultry foods, guarantees the openness of information sharing, resource sharing and security, and implements food tracking and safety monitoring and management functions. The key monitoring nodes include the planting farm nodes, production and processing line nodes, warehouses and distribution nodes, and consumption nodes, realizing the data acquisition and information link of each node, and making each link visible.

A data center and infrastructure product center is a food supply chain and safety production supervision data management center. The center is a management platform built on the basic support platform RFID.

Third, system function

VALLSUN series - poultry production management system consists of the following systems: central database system, aquaculture safety management system, safety production and processing management system, food supply chain management system, inspection and quarantine and monitoring system, food safety public information service platform system, etc. Through information links established through aquaculture production, processing, production, circulation, and consumption informatization, the company's internal production process security control and real-time monitoring of circulation links have been achieved to achieve standardized production of poultry food.

1. Central database system

Mainly includes the following functions

● Food Category Library and Sample Library

● Basic data such as food related supervision and production units

● Food safety standards and safety indicators

● Food Production and Management Information

● Food safety monitoring and testing data

● Management service system

2. Application Service Platform System

● Farm Management System

The data upload management center of the farms can be supervised and monitored in real time. Mainly include the following functional foods maintenance management. Establish basic information files for the farm or out-purchased livestock and poultry, and use electronic labels to mark growth and development management according to standard parameters, judge their development and health status, adjust nutrition measures and feeding methods. Feeding management records Various feeding conditions, viewing nutritional requirements at different stages of growth and development, selection of appropriate breeding formulas, reproductive management records, pedigree information and reproductive information, disease management, establishment of epidemic disease prevention files, establishment of quarantine and immunization files, including vaccines, Drugs, etc., embed various illicit drug information in the system to prevent animals from being slaughtered during drug withdrawal periods to prevent source pollution.

● Safety Production and Processing Management System

The system is mainly used for the management of production and processing of farm foods, specifically, slaughtering and production processing of meat, poultry, fishery and so on. In the production and processing links, the information identified in the labels of the farming links is passed into the information chain of the production and processing links, and information on different nodes of the production and processing is collected according to management standards and specifications, uniquely identified by electronic labels, and the information is transmitted to In the logistics sector.

● Supply Chain Management System

Mainly for warehousing and logistics distribution management, through RFID technology in the production and processing and store supply chain to establish a traceability system.

● Consumption Management

When the food enters the terminal sales, it can be analyzed according to the specific circumstances, using the identification technology products.

● Quarantine Monitoring System

Not only in the breeding, production and processing process of inspection and quarantine, quarantine monitoring system based on RFID technology is also used in crossings, and the monitoring chain is extended to supermarkets, and monitoring objects cover various types of food.

3. Public Service Platform System

The system is a unified resource release, Spynnan data information sharing service network, providing a full range of food safety data sharing and services.

Fourth, the system features

1 Complete information, efficient

Using the advantages of RFID technology to achieve food safety and traceability management is more efficient, real-time and convenient than the traceability of records.

2 process transparency

Providing completely transparent management capabilities in the food supply chain, safeguarding food safety, full visual control, monitoring and tracing, and recalling problem foods. It can comprehensively monitor pollution at the source of breeding, additives and hazardous substances in the production process, and potential safety problems in circulation.

3 Security warning

It can provide a basis for effective assessment of food safety risks and scientific warnings.

4 Scientific analysis

Data can be submitted in real time and accurately reported through the network, which facilitates faster and more efficient analysis and research.