RFID Seedling Management System Application Case

- Jun 02, 2018-


In order to facilitate the management of seedlings at a certain source, a large-scale garden adopts segmented mark management on seedlings at the seedling production base, and records each seedling data into a computer in a time period (six months or one quarter), mainly including the status, specifications and diameters of the seedlings. Wait for the data. It is convenient for the garden headquarters to understand where this tree is located, its growing situation, specifications, and diameter, and realizes dynamic and remote management. In particular, the management of some valuable seedlings is more stringent.

Project bottlenecks

There is no basis for the selection of seedlings. It is difficult to distinguish the situation of seedlings based on experience alone;

Seedlings may have inconsistent information before and after transport;

Finding seedlings is tedious;

Unable to check status of seedlings, etc.


According to the on-site inspections, combined with the actual work flow of customers, and based on the advantages of our company's RFID technology, an RFID-based nursery stock management system was introduced. The system uses RFID electronic tags and hand-held RFID reading devices as the hardware support of the system. With the independently developed seedling management software, the system can provide customers with an intelligent, highly informatized nursery stock management process. Mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Automatic data collection:

In the past, the business of seedling identification, status records, etc., which could only be performed manually, was automated using RFID technology. Combined with the network communication information processing system to achieve real-time information updates, automatic recording, automatic processing

2. Improve the accuracy of data collection

Compared with previous manual data acquisition methods, the accuracy of data collection is greatly improved

3. Improve the efficiency of each link

Utilize RFID technology to save a lot of time, increase work efficiency, make inquiry, record, inventory of seedlings, etc.

4. Reduce operating costs

Paperless operation saves costs.

System functions

Seedling registration

First, the seedlings that need to be managed are registered, and RFID electronic tags are placed on the seedlings. The status (date, location, diameter, height, etc.) of the seedlings is recorded in the electronic tags, and the labels and seedlings correspond one by one.

Seedling status update

During the growth of seedlings, hand-held RFID reading devices can be used to update the status of seedlings in real time, and real-time recording of the update logs is facilitated.

Seedling Management

When the seedlings need to be sold out (or transferred), the seedling management system can be used to view the status of all the seedlings for viewing by the client. After the client selects the seedlings, the system automatically orders the delivery, and the on-site operators can use handheld RFID. The equipment confirms the information of seedlings, and all the seedlings need to be checked again before they are transported so that they can be compared with the post-transportation to prevent errors during transportation.

Seedlings inventory

The handheld RFID reader can be used to inventory the seedlings in the nursery. The data after the inventory is compared with the system data. When there is an error in the inventory data, relevant personnel are notified to handle it in time.

project outcome

Reducing labor intensity and improving management efficiency. The introduction of RFID technology has reduced the number of nursery managers by half, and has doubled the work efficiency.

Efforts in stocktaking work: The overall inventory time is reduced by 70%.

The status of the seedlings is more detailed and true: the seedling status is updated in real time and compared with the photos taken by the handheld device, and the response is more realistic.