RFID smart breeding traceability system

- Jun 30, 2018-

I do not know when food safety began to be a part that we cannot ignore. Since the meat exposure security scandal, many consumers have been more careful when buying meat products, sales of meat products have been greatly reduced, and the quality of meat has become increasingly safe. More attention has been paid to the awareness of the aquaculture companies as a smart RFID traceability system, so that food safety can be ensured and consumers can feel at ease.

The RFID intelligent breeding traceability system realizes detailed data collection, process optimization, information traceability, intelligent control and data analysis for the whole process of breeding, realizing the refinement and technology of breeding, and improving efficiency and efficiency.

RFID is a new non-contact rapid automatic identification technology that plays an increasingly important role in animal management. It is applied to many aspects of animal husbandry and production, and can realize automatic rations, statistical analysis of production, prevention and control of disease surveillance, product quality control and animal traceability tracking. Next, let's take a look at the RFID smart breeding traceability system to create health and safety quality.

1, RFID injection to each young cow

The breeder injects the RFID electronic logo into the body of each cow to achieve a unique identity for each cow. The breeder can obtain the precise information and data of each cow from the RFID reader.

2. RFID records slaughter data

After the beef quarantine is passed, it will be sent to the slaughterhouse. RFID will record the address of the slaughterhouse, which is the slaughter, and the amount of slaughter time. This information will be automatically transferred to the system.

3. Convert RFID into QR code

Next, we will convert the RFID into a QR code, and the staff will attach a unique QR code to each part of the beef. The solution provided by Cloud Verification Information Technology Co., Ltd. is in the form of dragging. The information displayed by the size scan code is the same as that recorded by the beef cattle RFID, which is beneficial to the delivery and traceability.

Technical advantages of intelligent livestock farming systems:

1. Realize the full information record of the four links of the farm, slaughterhouse, cold chain transportation process and fresh meat retail store, which can achieve the results of interlocking and evidence-based.

2. RFID tags and QR codes are bound to each animal for life, ensuring identity consistency before and after death. The system automatically records the core data of each cow before and after slaughter, and displays it at the consumer terminal to allow consumers to eat beef.

3, the use of Internet of Things technology to make all links closely linked to avoid data loss or human intervention in the process of meat production and circulation, to ensure the safety of meat products.