RFID tags for meter anti-electricity / gas meter / water meter / anti-counterfeiting

- Jun 04, 2018-

First. Use and development of seals for power metering equipment

In recent years, some lawbreakers have arbitrarily destroyed and adjusted their electricity metering equipment, thereby achieving the purpose of evading electricity bills and causing massive losses to the state and power supply departments. According to the statistics of the State Power Department, China’s annual loss of electricity is as high as RMB 20 billion. Traditional signing does not include counterfeiting functions and is easy to control. As a result, the phenomenon of power theft is increasingly serious, and the most common and simple method of power theft is. It is the signing of the damage and counterfeiting of electric energy records, resulting in dialing, wrong wiring, and disconnection. It cannot be measured correctly. The efficiency of the company is greatly infringed upon and the state’s property suffers huge losses. Therefore, how to use high-tech means to improve the level of management, timely prevention, detection, blocking of loopholes in theft, and recovery of economic losses are increasingly urgent needs of the power sector.

RFID-based smart seal management system can solve all these problems!

Second, system introduction

Smart seal management system, the system has anti-theft power, anti-tamper data, inspection supervision and other functions, the following is the introduction of the system.

2.1 System advantages:

1. Provide advanced anti-counterfeiting measures to prevent external personnel from forging seals.

The shape cannot be copied.

The combination of RFID technology and two-dimensional code has higher anti-counterfeiting performance.

Old-fashioned seals rely only on the seals on the pliers in the hands of the operator to distinguish between authenticity and cheating, and the products have a systematic digital code, and the products and codes correspond to one another, and there is no duplication in order to facilitate the system's microcomputer management. The use of each seal can be checked on a computer, thus eliminating the possibility of electricity and collusion between the inside and outside.

Electronic seals use a one-time blockade to prevent damage and unsealing, effectively preventing the old-fashioned seals from regaining their fatal weaknesses after being shaken.

2. Provide reliable and effective inspection methods to minimize the inspection errors caused by subjective factors.

Sealing: Use a wire (or seal line) to pull it tight and it is only possible to pull it out.

Unsealed: Need to use a special tool to cut off, one-time use. The seal has a non-contact identification chip with a unique ID number inside, which can guarantee the uniqueness and non-reproducibility of the sealed digital. The exterior of the seal is printed with the unique clear code defined by the company, and the security is high.

Sealing inspection: RFID reader, non-contact one-button inspection, simple and quick, inspection seal can also be collected in the electronic seal data handheld testing equipment, and then back to the host database system for inspection, analysis of data is legal .

3. Provide scientific management tools to achieve effective management of seals and internal staff.

Helped the power sector to implement a closed-loop management process for power metering equipment.

The three-layer anti-counterfeiting design ensures that the seal will not be subject to counterfeiting and management confusion.

For the situation that may occur in the application, such as loss, damage, etc., a freezing mechanism is designed, and the seal is found and then thawed, avoiding the confusion of the seal application and not wasting.

The whole process of seal tracking was designed. When it was found to be destroyed, it was easy to trace back and find the cause of the problem.

The entire business process of seals is refined and management, and the operation records for each operation, from storage, encryption, support, seal, inspection, unsealing, auditing, and retirement, have clear operation records, making the use of seals more scientific and rational.

2.2 System Components: The system consists of the following components. It looks like this:

The system software platform is divided into stand-alone and online editions. The online edition is installed in the marketing network. From the company level to each county company, and each power supply station can be switched into this system; data can be exchanged with the power marketing system. . (However, the power marketing system must provide data exchange interface) The following is a flowchart of the entire program.

Third, system function

The entire personalized and quantified management of power metering equipment was realized, helping the power sector to implement a closed-loop management process for power metering equipment.

The entire process of electricity installation, meter reading, electricity inspection, point-of-use inspection and information collection has been automated, ensuring the reliability of electricity inspection, improving work efficiency, and reducing errors caused by human factors.

It has standardized and supervised the work of internal personnel, facilitated the evaluation and summary of the work done, and provided the basis for clarifying responsibilities and improving work.

Data sharing with the MIS system is realized, and the existing meter reading process can be compatible. At the same time, a distributed multi-tier application system based on the B/S structure is adopted to ensure the security, reliability, high efficiency, and easy maintenance of the system operation. . Achieve a smooth transition from existing operational processes.

Fourth, system function and benefit analysis

Combining the implementation and application of the electronic seal and smart seal management system will bring many benefits to our daily work. The main benefits are reflected in the following aspects:

Digital management: The management of metered equipment has been greatly improved through the management of informationized assets.

Improve the anti-counterfeiting performance of power metering seals: The use of two-dimensional security code or RFID, greatly enhance the seal of anti-counterfeiting and counterfeiting.

The anti-tampering performance of metering equipment was improved: After the management of metering equipment was strengthened, the anti-theft capability of metering equipment was also greatly improved. This also significantly reduces the possibility of users stealing electricity.

Drive the information management of metering equipment: Through the operation of intelligent seal information management, it can cooperate with marketing MIS system and generate ERP information management system to drive the development of informationization construction of power supply companies. This also brings a qualitative leap to the measurement management level of power supply units.

Environmental protection: As a metering seal for disposable products, this product does not contain any contaminants and toxic substances and is easy to recycle. It is a complete green environmental protection product.

Cost Savings: After the completion of the system, an information-based smart seal management file was formed to strictly monitor the life cycle of storage, use, and retirement of electronic seals to prevent waste and loss of power assets.