RFID Tags will replace people position

- Jan 22, 2018-

In an article on unmanned shelves in September last year ("Unmanned Shelves Craze", the battlefield for white-collar spending has turned to the office), the reporter mentioned that just as the "Hundred Regiments Campaign" Similarly, the unmanned shelf market will also quickly converge in a short period of time, especially in the more intense competition in the team, the infrastructure more perfect pattern, Shoulong shorter time than the group purchase.

Now, this time is close at hand. On the one hand, giants, unicorns enterprises have basically all admission: Ali has a box horse freshman, Jingdong Jingdong home GO, Suning Suning stores Biu, Tencent led the vote to buy, SF abundance e foot food, hungry it e point of convenience, there is a daily purchase of excellent fresh ...

On the other hand, small players began to be harvested one by one. First, the United States and the United States merged with tomato fruit convenience, the acquisition of 51 snacks for the convenience of the bee, and then the recent convenience bees and acquisition of frogs; and some head players are equally bad days, Came out in the first and second tier cities contraction of the business, withdrawal from the third and fourth tier cities news.

Only "imagination" players will be out

In 2017, with unmanned shelves, journalists have also come into contact with many unmanned shelf start-up companies. The most heard of is the prospect of future imagination space. For example, through the acquaintance relationship chain in the office, After the volume is large enough, you can reverse the customization of products for different consumer needs.

The scale can hold up the "imagination", so no shelves are mustering the strength of "Happy Valley" spell speed, fight financing ability, the number of points has become the first target in this area.

Put a shelf, put the goods, paste the two-dimensional code, an unmanned rack can be opened, so a low threshold model quickly gathered a large number of players, and fierce competition directly increased the cost of this business, but also Let the racetrack competition began to distort.

In order to grab some quality points, many unmanned shelves at the "rebate" to the enterprise way to squeeze the opponent's shelves, you give hundreds of subsidies, I give a thousand subsidies, which allow to seize a point Costs are getting higher and higher. An unmanned shelf practitioner told reporters that now an ordinary display shelf installation costs (goods + BD + subsidies) has been from the initial 1,000 yuan, up to five or six thousand dollars.

In order to cover the rising costs, quickly running out of the track, raising the scale to obtain financing has become the only way out. Earlier there was media broke the news that the rapid expansion of scarlet convenience, take financing, a large number of accepted "can not profit" point. While other companies have raised the threshold for entry to up to 50 in business, Agility is still willing to enter a 30-person company. There are also some do not meet the standards of other companies wind control point, the convenience of a single full of beekeeping.

In addition to the rising costs of laying points, with the continuous expansion of scale, unmanned shelves in the operation, supply chain efficiency put forward higher requirements. As each company's commodity digestibility and category preferences are different, so complex supply chain management is a major difficulty.

Scattered in the shelves of various companies, like a data black box, all out of stock, replenishment information are dependent on the replenishment of the manual operation, and with the increase in the number of points, the expansion of coverage, replenishment logistics The pressure also increased with the Japanese. How to at the right time, the right goods, to the right point, became the largest shelf after a large scale hurdle.

In terms of distribution, part of the unmanned shelves chose the central warehouse plus the way trucks, but no doubt the efficiency is too low. There are still some companies choose to build their own warehouse before the way, but this way is difficult to support the single volume distribution does not say that in the pre-warehouse network structure is not a day.

In order to make up for their lack of capacity, many companies began to introduce crowdsourcing logistics, but the large drawbacks of staff mobility on the one hand increased the difficulty of management of capacity, on the other hand also made theft more uncontrollable change, in fact, there are A large number of theft are lost in this part of the replenishment, replenishment readily go point of the goods is the industry's public secrets.

While the entry of mature logistics supply chain players, officially opened the prelude to the turning point in the field of unmanned shelves.

The original idea of many unmanned shelves is that I am a bit bit, operational capacity, goods, compliance can be good people to do, all win-win cooperation, but when the logistics can provide infrastructure and other companies to find out no one The shelves' doorways, which began to be added to the track on a proprietary basis, turned their teammates into rivals, leaving small players in a "self-reliance" predicament.

Companies that already have mature business models do unmanned shelves, mostly for the sake of supplementing existing businesses. On the one hand, they are more financially viable. On the other hand, unmanned shelves are of strategic importance to them in the long run of.

Take daily fresh, it has been mainly fresh consumer coverage of consumer groups at home, the layout of unmanned shelves can help it reach more office groups, and can expand more business users.

Take convenience for bee, online supermarket generally downturn, e-commerce is also facing the bottleneck of the moment of growth, convenience stores by virtue of point density, outdone in real-time supermarkets and e-commerce. As for the novice convenience store such as the convenience store, the store network takes time to build, and the unmanned shelves layout can help it make up for the lack of store coverage.

In the "visible" strategic sense, the small gamers' "imagination" is worth mentioning, and the fierce market competition can not wait for "imagination", so it becomes a matter of time.

No anti-theft setting mode is not sustainable

Unmanned shelves from the date of birth, the most questioned the problem is theft, leakage and other damage caused by the loss, although currently on the market several unlicensed shelves given the damage rate is about 2% -3%, but the industry's Consensus is that each of the damage rates are far more than these.

Replenishment part of the "lost", no anti-theft settings caused by theft, leaks, human nature of the business challenge is doomed to not do. In order to control consumer goods from the source of damage, unmanned shelves once trapped in the high quality point of the deadlock, but also make unmanned shelves in the choice of goods and scenes are very limited.

Currently on the market at room temperature unmanned shelves in the product differentiation is very small, mostly less than 10 yuan packaging snacks, priced at more than 15 yuan of goods rarely involved, although no shelves are understand, high unit price of goods gross profit It is also relatively higher, but it is still a piece that they dare not try because it would mean a higher rate of damage, breaking the ceiling on the losses they can afford.

No anti-theft settings not only make unmanned shelves into a meager profit or even paste the business, but also let the choice of scenes tied hands and feet.

On the other hand, there is another type of unmanned equipment at the same time unmanned shelves - intelligent containers, due to RFID tags, visual identification and other anti-theft links, so the scene is more free choice, at present in office buildings, the subway , Restaurants, cinemas, communities, schools, many places, can see this kind of container.

SHEN Bo-wei, an intelligent container magic box, said in an interview with reporters that in the contrast of multiple scenes, they found that the highest customer price is not the office that scramble to buy without shelves and the sales volume of the magic box is currently the highest A machine is located in the school, single-day sales of 2268RMB.

In addition, smart containers are lighter in operation and more personal in their choice of goods because all their operational data are on the cloud. Local consumption preferences can be analyzed based on operational data of different regions and then matched according to different scenarios Different products, at the same time timely adjustment and update of goods, such as can be put in the gym will shampoo, protein powder, in the subway station will put sandwiches, soy milk.

In fact, unmanned shelves do not understand the importance of the anti-theft mechanism. Only in the first stage, they first considered the market issue and put the market ahead of the loss.

The cost of an ordinary shelf is much lower than the cost of thousands of containers, so it is faster to seize the market, and when a can take the shelves and a need to open the door to open the container together, spending The probability of the former will choose the former, so the first phase, unmanned shelves rely on cost, reduce the use of the threshold, went to the forefront of unmanned format.

However, with the unmanned shelves folded, the winners finally free hand to consider the issue of making money, and unmanned retail technology to make up the anti-theft mechanism, will become the future direction of unmanned shelves. Currently, there are already some unmanned shelves on the market to start making smart upgrades shelves, such as Go home Go, lead frog and so on.

The unmanned shelf race track is about to end. The next "American regiment, drip" will soon be decided. Those who hold no profit making business only hope in the "imagination space" and have to wait in line to leave.