RFID taxi intelligent management solution

- Oct 12, 2019-

Taxi Management System (RFID) System Background:

Leverage RFID taxi management system - make urban traffic smarter

In recent years, the use of fake license plates, evasion of annual inspections, misappropriation of number plates, modification of stolen vehicles and other violations of laws and regulations have increased. Unlawful competition for illegally operating "black taxis" has seriously violated the interests of the state and industry and has become a city traffic. The serious scourge of order and social order has caused extremely bad negative effects on the image of the government.

Various types of "black cars" such as deck cars, fake cars, clone cars, and unlicensed cars exist in different parts of the country. These "black cars" have become urban cancers and become urban traffic order and society. The seriousness of order; especially in the field of taxis, mucks, passenger cars and other operating vehicles, the problems are more serious because of the interests, and the adverse impact on the social economy is more extensive and far-reaching.

In order to standardize the traffic order and maintain the order of the taxi market in our city, the functional departments of all levels of government have tried to increase the rectification and crackdown on fake cards and deck cars, and it is becoming more and more urgent to crack down on "black taxis". It is extremely urgent to construct a set of scientific and technical inspection methods suitable for purifying the taxi industry.

Taxi Management System (RFID) solves your vehicle management problems

Using the most advanced science and technology such as radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, video assist technology, wireless communication technology and computer network, the RFID electronic operation certificate installed on each vehicle is used as the information source, and the system management platform and data server are the operation centers. Combined with the vehicle and vehicle owner information database and data timing update, the identity of the rental vehicle is intelligently encrypted and identified.

At the same time, using handheld, on-board, video and other equipment to automatically and in real-time access to information, to find abnormal conditions to provide voice and digital alarms, and timely upload inspection information to the system management platform to form a dynamic, three-dimensional, rigorous and accurate Intelligent automatic traffic supervision and inspection network, so that fake vehicles, deck cars, unlicensed cars, clone cars, smuggled cars and other illegal vehicles have nowhere to hide, so that traffic violation cars, accidents escape cars, owed cars, scrap cars and other problem vehicles Nothing to do, it can greatly reduce traffic inspection costs, improve inspection efficiency, achieve targeted, humanized civilized traffic supervision, improve the scientific and effective management of law enforcement departments, and build "harmonious traffic" A powerful weapon.

Vehicle inspection system

The vehicle inspection system is installed in the traffic enforcement vehicle. Law enforcement officers can drive traffic enforcement vehicles to conduct vehicle inspections anywhere in the jurisdiction, integrate dynamic image recognition technology and RFID radio frequency identification technology, adopt image recognition for physical license plates and vehicle features, and remotely identify RFID anti-counterfeiting dome lamps. Through the data processing system, the physical characteristic information and the electronic information of the vehicle are automatically compared, and the problem vehicle is found, and the voice and digital alarm are immediately issued, prompting the law enforcement personnel to intercept. The system can perform dynamic inspection on vehicles with a speed of 60 kilometers per hour, and can also carry out tracking inspections on moving vehicles during moving, and can also inspect vehicles parked in the park.

Handheld inspection system

The handheld inspection system consists of two parts: the RF signal receiving system and the data processing system. The hand-held inspection system is carried by law enforcement officers and carries out vehicle inspections anywhere in the jurisdiction. Law enforcement officers can identify the RFID electronic operating license of the taxi at a close distance, and automatically compare the electronic information of the vehicle through the data processing system. If the comparison is unsuccessful, the voice and digital alarms are immediately issued, prompting the law enforcement personnel to handle the problem.

Fixed inspection system

The fixed inspection system consists of four parts: image recognition system, radio frequency signal receiving system, data processing system, wireless or wired transmission system. The fixed inspection system is generally installed at a specific road location. The system automatically monitors the vehicles passing the inspection scope. When an illegal vehicle or a problem vehicle is found and identified, the system will automatically alarm and upload the vehicle information to the management platform. On the nearest handheld inspection system, law enforcement officers timely seized the illegal vehicle or problem vehicle based on the alarm information.

There is also a fixed installation method for fixed type, which is installed in fixed taxi lanes such as airports, stations and business districts. By automatically recognizing the electronic information of the vehicle, illegal vehicles cannot enter, which greatly reduces the occurrence of black car pick-up and smuggling in the region.

Taxi Management System (RFID) system can automatically identify the following vehicles

1) Stealing and smuggling vehicles

2) fake, deck vehicles

3) Unpaid fines for illegal vehicles

4) Anecdotal escape vehicle scrapped vehicle

5) Overdue inspection vehicles

6) Arrears and taxes

7) did not buy mandatory third party liability insurance vehicles

8) Unlicensed vehicles

Program advantages:

1) Unique information security technology

Each car corresponds to an RFID anti-counterfeiting dome light, using the global unique RFID serial number, special encryption algorithm and internal data storage mode of the chip, which can effectively prevent the memory information from being cracked or falsified, and ensure the RFID electronic identification card in the vehicle in the anti-counterfeit ceiling light. Information security.

2) Unique "double electronic eye" recognition technology

The vehicle inspection system and the fixed inspection system have dual "electronic eyes" for image recognition and RFID radio frequency identification, which can accurately capture the physical characteristics and electronic information of the vehicle and the owner, and quickly compare intelligently with the system database, and instantly issue voice and number for abnormal situations. An alarm was issued to ensure that various illegal vehicles and problem vehicles were seized on the spot.

The unique RFID signal directional transmission and reception technology system effectively avoids adjacent signal interference by adopting advanced RFID signal orientation enhancement and directional reception technology, so that image recognition and RFID radio frequency identification are synchronized to ensure that the system can perform the vehicle in the specified direction. Effective auditing.

3) Unique data transmission technology

The system adopts a safe and smooth wireless or wired network transmission mode, so that each inspection system can timely update the vehicle and vehicle owner file information through the data server, and simultaneously upload the inspection information to the management platform, thereby realizing the data between the management platform and the inspection systems. Synchronize.

4) Unique all-weather inspection technology

The system adopts international leading fuzzy recognition technology, digital focusing technology and multi-sensor information fusion technology to effectively solve the problem of image recognition and signal reception under harsh weather conditions such as night, low light environment and rain and fog weather. All-weather audits that are difficult to implement.

5) Unique comprehensive inspection methods

The system can carry out mobile inspection by means of law enforcement personnel carrying a hand-held inspection system or operating an on-board inspection system, and can also perform fixed-point monitoring by installing fixed inspection systems at fixed points such as toll stations, traffic booths, and intersections, and combining three types of inspection methods. It will penetrate the auditory into all roads or parking lots. Whether it is a moving vehicle or a parked vehicle, whether it is an illegal vehicle or an illegal vehicle, it can realize all-round inspection and tracking.

6) Unique hierarchical authorization and internal monitoring methods

The system carries out scientific and hierarchical authorization for the entry, modification, reading and monitoring of system data for the rights and responsibilities of the management personnel at all levels of the user, and can also define the authorization according to the requirements of the user, combined with the superior administrator to the lower administrator. The information input and export situation and the monitoring of the audit data can effectively avoid the violations of internal staff's supervision and self-stealing.

7) Unique human design

The system uses the abnormality of the alarm to display the relevant information and display the relevant information. The default release design is adopted for the legal vehicle, which can enhance the pertinence and humanization of the audit, thereby improving the efficiency of the inspection and achieving civilized law enforcement. At the same time, the vehicle and the fixed inspection system can Effective identification of vehicles within 80 meters ensures the safe distance of law enforcement interception and protects the safety of law enforcement personnel.

The meaning of the taxi management system (RFID) system:

Can effectively fight the deck taxi

We will crack down on illegal business operations such as illegal taxis, effectively solve the problem of law enforcement agencies cracking down on illegally operating vehicles, and purify the taxi operating environment, safeguard the interests of legitimate car owners, and promote the stable development of the taxi industry.

Can greatly improve work efficiency

An inspection vehicle equipped with this system can monitor the taxi status within 100 meters before and after the real-time monitoring. It can directly inspect 120-150 taxis per hour and indirectly inspect 400-600 taxis. According to the calculation of 8 hours a day, 4000-5000 taxis can be inspected every day. If there are 10,000 taxis in the city, all of them can be checked in 3 to 4 days, which can reduce labor intensity, optimize manpower and shorten working hours.

Strengthen industry management and build a harmonious city

The system has effectively strengthened and standardized the management of the city's taxi industry, maintained the stability of the city's rental passenger transport market, and ensured the healthy and orderly development of the taxi industry. Improve the public's satisfaction with government functions, thus escorting a harmonious society.

Optimize industry technology and cast digital cities

Scientific and rigorous management requires modern regulatory tools to reflect high-quality management execution. The system is based on the intelligent management and control of urban traffic and shows a successful model. It reflects the urban development process of digitalization, technology and information.

Brighten the image of the industry and create a brand city

The intelligent management of the taxi industry will be one of the best ways to represent the mainstream international branding of the city. The operation of the platform will promote the city's scientific and technological operation under the conditions of market economy, which is conducive to demonstrating the city's excellent "character" through the window industry and enhancing the comprehensive competitiveness of the entire brand city.