rfid trends

- Dec 08, 2017-

RFID Trends

RFID has gone through more than 50 years and has seen faster growth in recent years. With the continuous improvement of technology, the types of RFID products will be more and more abundant and the applications will be more and more widely. So look forward to the future, RFID What will happen? What trends will be?

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 RFID Trends  In Biometic

1.In recent years,theidentification of human biological features such as voice recognition,face recognition, signature recognition, fingerprint recognition, palm shape recognition and eye iris recognition has been developed and applied at home and abroad.<br/> 

2.Biometrics has been partially applied to many important industries and fields such as public security, security, customs, finance, military, airports, border crossings, security and other civil markets as well as smart access control, attendance and other civil markets. Experts predict that by 2012, biometric technology will enter a period of rapid growth, and the era of biometric identification has come. Biometric technology will become an important part of RFID and will promote the rapid development of RFID technology.

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RFID Challegne in EPC

1.In combination with the EPC technology of RFID and Internet systems, the future will become the main standard of modern supply chain management. The concept of "Internet of things" that tracks and traced shipments globally through the Internet has gradually become a new direction for the development of the logistics industry . <br/> 

2.It can be said that EPC will become an important new technology after bar code technology and RFID and once again change the commodity retail settlement, logistics and product tracking management mode. It is foreseeable that RFID / EPC automatic identification technology will bring international shipping logistics and global A revolution in the supply chain will further promote the development of China's automatic identification industry.

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RFID Trends in data processing

1.RFID data processing capabilities will be more and more strong, the demand for software is more and more bigExperts believe that the future of RFID system integration software will be embedded, intelligent, reorganization direction, through the construction of RFID public service system, will make RFID information resources organization, management and utilization more in-depth and extensive.<br/> 

2.The current software is relatively simple in RFID applications, the average cost of not more than 13% of the overall RFID project. In the next few years, with the development of large-scale logistics applications and open-loop applications, massive RFID information processing, transmission and security pose new challenges to system integration and application of RFID technology. Software will be of great importance in RFID project expenditures Part, in some applications, even exceed the cost of the hardware