RFID weighing management application example

- Aug 23, 2018-

Power plants, coal yards, garbage dumps and other units will have a large number of materials transport vehicles entering and leaving every day. It is necessary to carry out procedures such as parking, registration, weighing, etc. The operator manually records the data into the computer, which is time consuming and has a large error rate. It is also easy to breed human fraud and cause a lot of economic losses to the company. The RFID weighing tag is placed on the car, and the relevant data is read by the reader to correspond to the vehicle, which provides great convenience for the staff.

First, the system consists

The system includes readers, antennas, tag cards, electronic truck scales, main engines, signal lights (red, green), automatic gates, ground sense coils, infrared instruments and supporting management software.

Second, the workflow

1. The green signal light is on, the weighing vehicle enters the lane, and after the vehicle enters the lane, the red signal light is on, and the next vehicle is prohibited from entering the lane.

2. The vehicle passes through the induction coil to generate the sensing signal. After the reader reads the card, the card information is uploaded to the host database, and the vehicle information is transferred out.

3. The vehicle is weighed and weighed. The display shows the weight information of the weighing and captures the image information at the same time.

4. After the weighing is completed, the vehicle is lifted and released when the vehicle is under the ground sense coil.

5. After the vehicle is released, it will light up at the same time and allow the next car to enter.

(According to the actual situation, it is also possible to use the identification of the car number information, the automatic gates are lifted, the vehicle is weighed and the automatic gates are closed to prevent the flow of the next car on the scale) (see above)

Third, the system advantages

1. The identification accuracy of the car number can reach 99.99%, which is suitable for various harsh environments such as wind, snow, rain and fog.

2. The data in the label is highly confidential, and the electronic label (electronic license plate) cannot be forged or copied, which fundamentally eliminates the phenomenon of copying, forgery and cheating;

3, the vehicle electronic tag uses passive technology, the service life is very long, no maintenance;

4, automatic acquisition speed is fast, can achieve fast weighing, improve the efficiency of weighing, eliminating the phenomenon of queuing too much;

5, blocking human error loopholes. Due to the automatic reading of data, all over-balanced vehicles are automatically recorded by the computer, eliminating manual intervention, automatically recording data, and automatic nuclear release;

6, long-distance dynamic identification, the recognition distance is adjustable within 5-25M.