Scenic Card Management System

- Apr 23, 2018-

First, system introduction

In the era of rapid development of information, traditional tickets are easy to forge, easy to copy, release the human condition, change the entrance to the museum, resulting in the serious loss of tickets for major event venues, etc. It is difficult to perform real-time information statistics and management of the audience in and out of major event venues. The advanced RFID technology combines many high-tech technologies such as database technology, positioning technology, communication and information technology, effectively solves traditional issues such as ticketing and information management in venues of major events, and realizes ticket sales, ticket checking, inquiry and statistics for electronic tickets. The integrated control and management functions such as reports and reports have a significant role in improving the overall management of the exhibition and improving management efficiency.

Second, the system composition

RFID electronic ticket system includes: ticket system, ticket inspection subsystem, booth visitor record subsystem, statistical analysis subsystem, system maintenance subsystem and online registration subsystem.

Third, system function

◇ The system has a full range of real-time monitoring and management functions.

We have eliminated the economic losses caused by forging tickets.

It can effectively eliminate the entry of non-ticket personnel and strengthen the safety and security measures of the venue.

We can accurately count visitor flow, operating income, and check ticketing, eliminate loopholes in internal assets, and have significant economic and social benefits for improving the modern management level of venues.

◇ Through the classification and classification of different identities of exhibitors and visitors, provide value-added services for information classification and availability.

◇ Through long-term data accumulation analysis, it can accumulate market dynamic data of related industries.

◇ The organizers have also achieved revolutionary breakthroughs in improving customer satisfaction and customer experience.

Fourth, system implementation benefits

◇ A complete electronic ticket ticketing computer management system was established to realize the business management of computer ticketing/ticketing, ticket checking/checking, ticketing management, data collection and settlement, data summary statistics, information analysis, inquiries, and statements.

All the business work of the exhibition will be integrated into the unified management of the computer to improve work efficiency and block the loopholes in the issuance of financial and ticketing services.

◇ Solve ticket fraud problems and avoid possible huge economic losses.

◇ Data collection is more accurate and timely, providing customers (including exhibitors and visitors) with rich and in place information value-added services (passenger traffic, personnel composition, identity, interests, activities, etc.) for the market of sponsors and exhibitors Decisions provide information support.

◇ Through in-depth excavation of exhibition and exhibition customer information, the service level of the exhibition will be further improved and customer satisfaction will be improved.

◇ Improve the image and brand of the event.