Shanxi Coal Mine Positioning System

- May 24, 2018-

With the country’s increasing emphasis on coal mine safety and the continuous strengthening of supervision, large and medium-sized coal mines in China and a large number of small coal mines in towns and villages have been equipped with coal mine safety production monitoring systems. The promotion and application of these safety equipments has greatly improved the safety production of coal mines in China. However, there are still many difficulties in the management of personnel entering wells in underground coal mines, and it is difficult for infield personnel to keep abreast of the dynamic distribution and operation of downhole personnel. Once an accident occurs, there is no reliable information for the rescue of underground personnel, and the efficiency of emergency rescue and disaster relief and safety rescue is low. ideal. The development of a new coal mine underground personnel monitoring and safety management system enables real-time tracking monitoring and positioning of coal mine entry personnel, and at the same time, the position and trajectory of each person in the well can be clearly grasped at any time. In the event of a catastrophe, information on the location of personnel at the scene of the accident, the number of trapped persons, and the route for the withdrawal of persons in distress can be immediately queried from the monitoring computer to provide a scientific basis for accident rescue. At the same time, it is also possible to use the system's daily safety management functions to conduct safety management of mine personnel.

Introduction to system design

Coal mine positioning system includes: personnel attendance, underground personnel positioning, accident search and rescue, equipment fixed-point tracking, etc. constitute the entire RFID management system, can be downhole personnel and equipment from time to time tracking, recording, and summary display.

System flow

Each miner wears an RFID tag, and each piece of equipment under the mine is equipped with an RFID tag.

The key laneways, collection surfaces and equipment installation points are equipped with RFID readers.

The miners were read by RFID readers and sent to Inoue software systems after the detection points. The equipment monitoring points were monitored from time to time and summed up with the software. The following software monitoring results were formed.

Solve application features:

On the one hand, it realizes the positioning of crews who are downhole and solves the problem of a large number of people concentrating on the downtime and attendance at the same time.

On the other hand, it realized the positioning and management of downhole equipment and achieved the effect of asset theft prevention.

At the same time, it also achieved rapid search and rescue of personnel after the accident and controlled all the information downhole.

The entire system can fully meet the application requirements of Datong Coal Mine in terms of performance, reliability, stability and management from the hardware and software platforms, and improve the safety management of coal mines. The ground can accurately and real-time understand the position information of underground personnel (specific to the tunnel number), which can greatly improve the success rate of rescue and disaster relief, and is a great improvement for coal mine safety.