Tea NFC anti-counterfeiting solution

- May 07, 2018-

First, the program background

In recent years, chaos on the market, such as sky-high tea, cottage tea, shoddy, and old-fashioned blending, has occurred frequently. At the same time, due to the lack of authoritative industry experts and strict certification standards, it is difficult for consumers to maintain their rights. Constrained by the variety of Chinese tea and its distinctive geographical features, it is difficult to establish a unified judging standard. Unscrupulous elements, driven by huge profits, still make false sales through various means. Counterfeit tea flows into the market. Consumers have become the most direct victims. Usually, they spend a lot of money and buy inferior tea; counterfeit teas can affect the reputation of the company for the well-known tea manufacturers. It will also have a certain impact on the sales of the company.

In view of the current status of anti-counterfeiting of tea manufacturers, tea manufacturers have first built anti-counterfeiting solutions based on NFC technology to ensure that each box of tea has a unique "ID card" - NFC anti-counterfeiting label, and consumers have NFC-enabled functions. The android phone can check the authenticity of tea. At present, Remy Martin and Maotai have adopted NFC anti-counterfeiting technology.

Second, the program introduced

This NFC anti-counterfeiting query system is a new generation of Internet of Things anti-counterfeiting third-party platform that integrates cloud computing, cloud storage, NFC, and mobile Internet. The NFC anti-counterfeiting inquiry system is mainly composed of four parts: an NFC anti-counterfeiting tag, an NFC reader, a data center, and a mobile phone APP.

1. NFC security tags, each tag has a globally unique chip serial number and cannot be copied. The NFC anti-counterfeit label is attached to the sealed position of the tea packaging to achieve anti-transfer and is destroyed after use;

2. NFC readers, tea factory customers landing PC operating background, connecting NFC readers, the tea related information written in NFC anti-counterfeit labels;

3. The data center stores various information of the product and can read the product information in the NFC security label when inquiring the authenticity of the product through the mobile phone terminal APP;

4. Mobile phone APP, as a channel connecting the data center and NFC anti-counterfeit labels, provides a new anti-counterfeiting query experience for end consumers: mobile phone (android phone with NFC function) opens NFC anti-counterfeit query APP, connects to the network, and is affixed with NFC security. Label tea leaves, immediately know the authenticity of tea.

NFC security check system flow chart:

Third, the program advantages

1. The uniqueness of NFC security labels. Each NFC anti-counterfeiting tag provided by Sheng Ma Technology has a globally unique serial number, and the information written into the tag adopts advanced dynamic digital encryption technology, and the tag information cannot be copied. In addition, the NFC anti-counterfeiting label adopts fragile materials to ensure that the label cannot be transferred;

2. Convenient security check. The anti-counterfeiting inquiry system based on NFC technology makes the anti-counterfeiting query more convenient: the NFC-enabled android mobile phone is close to the NFC anti-counterfeit label on the tea (the mobile phone is in a connected state), and the authenticity information of the tea can be displayed on the mobile phone;

3. NFC security tags can carry a wealth of information. In addition to verifying authenticity of tea leaves, other relevant information about tea can also be read: tea manufacturer information, production date, origin, specifications, etc.

Fourth, the program value

1. This is an NFC anti-counterfeiting query system provided by tea manufacturers. It adopts advanced dynamic digital encryption technology, which allows counterfeiters to have no imitation, and can effectively protect the intellectual property rights and brand building of tea manufacturers.

2. This provides NFC anti-counterfeiting solutions for tea manufacturers, not only for them to solve the problem of anti-counterfeiting, but also to display rich product information at the APP end to enhance the viscosity between consumers and tea manufacturers;

3. Combining NFC technology with anti-counterfeiting and mobile Internet to provide consumers with a new anti-counterfeiting query experience to obtain more secure anti-counterfeiting information. The advanced NFC anti-counterfeiting technology better protects the rights of consumers and allows them to buy authentic products with more confidence.