The application of Jewellery tags

- Mar 22, 2018-


First, the program background

In recent years, many people have turned their eyes on jewellery. They believe that jewellery can not only preserve value, but also can make decorations without losing money. As everyone knows, due to the cravings of some businesses, fake and shoddy jewellery is flooding the market. At present, most consumers do not have the ability to identify the authenticity and quality of jewelry. This has a certain weakness in the buyers and sellers themselves. And this weakness can not be changed within a short period of time. Our limited publicity of jewellery knowledge can hardly reach the period when the whole nation understands jewellery. In order to prevent fraud, jewellery companies usually issue certificates for jewellery, but there are even fraudulent certifications, which undoubtedly increases the difficulty for consumers to buy authentic jewellery.

For the current anti-counterfeiting status of jewelry manufacturers, based on NFC technology anti-counterfeiting solutions, to ensure that each piece of jewelry has a unique "ID" - NFC anti-counterfeit labels, consumers through the NFC-enabled android phone can query The authenticity of jewelry. At present, Remy Martin and Maotai have adopted NFC anti-counterfeiting technology.

Second, the program introduced

NFC anti-counterfeiting inquiry system is a new generation of Internet of Things anti-counterfeiting third-party platform that integrates cloud computing, cloud storage, NFC, and mobile Internet. The anti-counterfeiting inquiry system is mainly composed of four parts: an NFC anti-counterfeiting label, an NFC reader, a data center, and a mobile phone APP.

1. NFC security tags, each tag has a globally unique chip serial number and cannot be copied. The NFC anti-counterfeit label is attached to the sealing area of the jewelry packaging to prevent transfer and is destroyed after use;

2. NFC readers, jewelry manufacturers landing PC operating background, connecting NFC readers, jewelry related information is written into the NFC anti-counterfeit labels;

3. The data center stores various information of the product and can read the product information in the NFC security label when inquiring the authenticity of the product through the mobile phone terminal APP;

4. Mobile phone APP, as a channel connecting the data center and NFC anti-counterfeit labels, provides a new anti-counterfeiting query experience for end consumers: Mobile phone (android mobile phone with NFC function) opens NFC anti-counterfeit query APP, connects to the network, and is affixed with NFC security. Label jewelry, you can immediately know the authenticity of jewelry. Third, the program advantages

1. The uniqueness of NFC security labels. Each NFC security tag provided for customers has a globally unique serial number, and the information written into the tag adopts advanced dynamic digital encryption technology, and the tag information cannot be copied. In addition, the NFC anti-counterfeit label adopts fragile materials to ensure that the label cannot be transferred;

2. Convenient security check. The anti-counterfeiting query system based on NFC technology makes anti-counterfeiting query more convenient: the NFC-enabled android mobile phone is close to the NFC anti-counterfeit label on the jewelry (the mobile phone is in the networking state), and the genuine jewelry information can be displayed on the mobile phone;

3. NFC anti-counterfeit labels can carry a wealth of information. In addition to verifying the authenticity of the jewelry, you can also read other jewelry related information: jewelry manufacturers information, production date, origin, specifications and so on.

Fourth, the program value

1. The NFC anti-counterfeiting query system provided for jewellery manufacturers adopts advanced dynamic digital encryption technology so that counterfeiters can nowhere be copied and can effectively protect the intellectual property and brand construction of jewellery manufacturers;

2. The NFC anti-counterfeiting solution provided for jewelry manufacturers not only can solve the problem of anti-counterfeiting for jewelry manufacturers, but also can display rich product information at the APP end, enhancing the stickiness between consumers and jewelry manufacturers;

3. Combine NFC technology with anti-counterfeiting and mobile Internet to provide consumers with a new anti-counterfeiting query experience and obtain more secure anti-counterfeiting information. The advanced NFC anti-counterfeiting technology better protects the rights of consumers and allows them to buy authentic products with more confidence.