Three-tier label helps e-commerce logistics

- Mar 29, 2019-

Three-tier label helps e-commerce logistics

System Overview

Consumers place orders online.

After receiving the order, the e-commerce company will reflect the information of the 

customer, the goods and its barcode on the three-layer label, tear off the bottom paper (the 

third layer) and paste it on the product.

The logistics company conducts inbound and outbound management and sorting by scanning 

bar code data.

When the courier delivers the merchandise to the consumer, it tears off the first layer of the 

signature signed by the consumer and brings it back to the company.

If the consumer gets the product with the second layer label, if the product has any problems 

such as damage, it can be queried according to the waybill number on the second layer label.

The three-layer label has three layers as its name suggests: the receipt (first layer), the 

customer retention order (second layer), and the bottom paper (third layer).


      E-commerce or logistics companies can design their own company-style invoices to 

distinguish them from other companies, and also enhance the company's brand image.

The second layer of customer retention form design, printing company logo, promotional 

activities and advertising and other information to enhance the brand's influence while playing 

the role of advertising.

Import effect

      In the case of e-commerce cooperation with a number of logistics companies, e-commerce 

unified invoices can help warehouse business management efficiency and improve the brand 

influence of its own company.

Barcode management makes warehouse management and distribution work more effective.

Compared with traditional shipping orders, the three-layer label is simpler and more 

convenient to operate. More importantly, the printing speed is several times faster, and the 

label cost is lower, which can greatly reduce the cost.

Ideal for online shopping, mail order e-commerce companies that need to process large orders 

every day