Transformation of traditional label printing

- Apr 14, 2017-

The traditional label printing plant to trademark machines, intermittent rotary machine-based, plus die-cutting machine, the process is very simple, the process is very complex, long lead times, low production efficiency. With the development of society, so the traditional label printing model has long been unable to meet the needs of the market, regardless of the quality or technology, has lagged far behind the advanced developed countries, equipment and management. So, how can traditional label printers change themselves, defend their status, and achieve significant results in intense competition? Here involves the transformation of the problem, since the traditional model has been unable to meet the demand, you should learn advanced production mode.

1, management methods of learning, we have to do the first quality, customer service, to create value for customers 2, equipment updates, advanced equipment is the production of infrastructure, the introduction of high-speed rotary presses and digital presses, multi- Printing machine 3, technical learning, advanced equipment have to have the appropriate technical operators, so the staff of technical learning and training is also very important.

In order to meet the needs of the current development situation, Kay God printing plant vision, a rainy day, in 12 years of business transformation, from the traditional labor-intensive to the current economic and technological transformation, huge amounts of money to introduce advanced printing equipment And technical personnel, and now there are many manufacturers at home and abroad to innovate the label, then Kaisheng printing plant will be able to meet the needs of the market, so that all kinds of standard label printing, in the industry to lead one step, that is to defend their own position But also to enable enterprises to be promoted.