Two-dimensional code year taxi is more convenient and faster

- Jun 22, 2018-

Afterwards, it may be possible to directly photograph the two-dimensional code posted on the taxi to pay for the payment. Alipay recently announced the latest news in the area of taxis. Several domestic cities already have taxi drivers using Alipay to collect payments. Alipay also issued a QR code for the driver's payment. Passengers only need to use the client to capture the QR code and enter the amount to complete the payment. 

Wifi is provided in the car, everyone has a smart phone, some masters even have two, Hangzhou Yuan master and many drivers spontaneously organized a smart team to help each other to help transfer passengers orders. Master Yuan's first payment collection by Alipay was prompted by passengers. Once passengers had been in trouble to avoid paying for change, he asked him whether he could accept Alipay charges. "I have a wifi signal in my car. I told him my Alipay account. He entered the Alipay mobile phone client and entered the amount and paid for it. It took less than 3 seconds." And when Master Yuan excitedly passed it on to Weibo, More drivers began to join the ranks of Alipay. "Our team's drivers can do 50% of the payment is completed with Alipay."

Alipay relevant responsible person said that Alipay has officially released the first batch of exclusive "two-dimensional code", each driver of the smart team drivers will have a two-dimensional code bound with their Alipay account, passengers open Alipay mobile client ,Using "Yue enjoy beat" function, the mobile phone camera to the QR code to "scan code", then, the phone will automatically appear on the driver's account information, passengers only need to enter the amount of the car, click "OK" that is Payment can be completed. At present, these batches of QR codes are under intense production and it is expected that they will formally board the taxis in the relevant cities within two weeks.