Want to know the past and present of a pig?

- Jul 11, 2018-

The Internet and Internet of Things technologies are changing with each passing day, making it quick and easy to get information quickly. Want to know a person's past and present? Maybe only need a simple document, such as ID card, passport, etc., or just a string of numbers, such as ID number, mobile phone number, bank card number, etc. But for the farm, what do you want to know quickly about the past and present of a pig?

The answer is obviously the "ear tag." When a pig is born, in order to distinguish it, a large-scale pig farm usually places an ear tag on the pig's ear, and has a number similar to a human ID number, which is equivalent to establishing a “pig file”, its parents, and its The feed, vaccine, veterinary medicine, etc., will be recorded in this file, and will be born and sent to it.

With the rise of the Internet of Things technology in the pig industry, the ear tags have also been updated and developed from generation to generation. The ear tags, which are traditionally used as ear tags, have become the current electronic ear tags, allowing the farm to enjoy the Science and Technology Institute. Convenience. On May 18, 2018, China Animal Husbandry Expo, Nongxin Internet officially released Pig Network 3.0, and the electronic ear tag is one of the new functions of Pig Network 3.0.

Just a light sweep, you can know all the information about the pig in 1 second. Who is the pig's parents, where was born, American or British, a few litters of piglets, how many heads per litter, and suffered What diseases and medicines have been used are simple, convenient and fast, and the administrator does not have to bother to go through the data records or electronic documents.

The electronic ear tag is also an important helper for digital pig raising. All management behaviors of the pig and all the data indicators produced by the pig will be uploaded to the pig network 3.0 system through the electronic ear tag on the pig's ear. The production management file of the pig is accompanied by the life of the pig. With the improvement of the identity information and data indicators of this pig, it is equivalent to making a "portrait" for the pig, so that the image of the pig in the administrator's mind is getting fresher and helps the administrator to the pig. Propose a targeted solution.

After summarizing the data of all the pigs on the farm, a huge database will be formed on the pig network 3.0. The pig network 3.0 will use the rural credit cloud system to process and analyze all the data summarized in the single farm, and find out the management. The existing loopholes or problems give a complete solution, and it is also convenient for the pig farm to clear the management ideas and carry out the next work arrangement.

Pigs have "identity cards" and "going out" will be much more convenient. Whether it is sent to slaughter or secondary sales, buyers can get the information they want through electronic ear tags. With the further improvement of post-transportation, slaughtering and other information, the information on the ear tag is further aggregated into a two-dimensional code type electronic code, which can complete the traceability of pork from the farm to the table. Consumers scan the electronic code. It is possible to know the life of this pig, the peace of mind that consumers buy, the peace of mind to eat, and the brand value of pork. This is also the origin of ID-PIG in the national pig market.

In short, with the electronic ear tag, this pig is equivalent to a small transparency, people can get all the information in one second, and improve the management efficiency of the farm while increasing the brand value of pork. Of course, with the acceleration of the informatization process of the pig industry, the addition of big data technology will make these data information play a greater role, guide the industry production, change the status quo of the industry, and improve the efficiency of the industry just around the corner.