What can the mobile phone NFC function do?

- Nov 13, 2018-

In fact, the mobile phone NFC function is not a new thing. A few years ago, the mobile phone already had such a function, but there are not many that can be used smoothly. Now, with the intelligent networking of various facilities and equipment, the mobile phone NFC function The frequency of use and the number of places are also increasing. So, what can be done by the mobile phone NFC function?

The so-called mobile phone NFC function refers to the mobile phone equipped with NFC function, then NFC is a joke? NFC is actually the abbreviation of Near Field Communication, which is what we usually call near-field wireless communication technology, this technology can make two have NFC-enabled devices exchange data under the conditions allowed by the agreement. For example, if we brush the rice card, the money for the meal card will be swiped away. The bus card and the bus card will be brushed according to the pre-determined price. These are regular data exchanges under agreed conditions.

The principle of NFC evolved from contactless radio frequency identification (RFID) and is backward compatible with RFID. Like RFID, NFC information is also transmitted by electromagnetic induction coupling of the radio frequency portion of the spectrum. NFC exchanges data through non-contact point-to-point data transmission (within ten centimeters) between devices. This mode is similar to infrared, and can be used for data exchange, but the transmission distance is short, the transmission creation speed is faster, the transmission speed is faster, and the power consumption is low. 

First, of course, when the bus card, subway card brush. If the mobile phone with NFC function can be bound to the electronic bus card if the local public transportation system allows it, then you don't need to take the bus card when you go out. You can take the subway and directly brush the mobile phone, just like the bus card. The same effect as the operation is quite convenient.

Second, the mobile payment function. For mobile payment, we still pay more with Alipay or WeChat scan code. However, with the increasing rise of UnionPay cloud flash payment, mobile phones are increasingly used for mobile payment through NFC functions. Mobile phones with NFC function can be directly used for mobile phone consumption by binding bank cards.

Third, transfer files. Two NFC-enabled mobile phones can transfer files to each other, but there are certain restrictions. You can share the URLs, contacts, and apps on your device. When you use NFC to transfer files, Bluetooth is forced to open, essentially using Bluetooth, which is slightly faster.