What is a production line intelligent management system

- Feb 14, 2019-

What is a production line intelligent management system?

The survival and development of traditional manufacturing is inseparable from production. Therefore, how to manage production lines intelligently and efficiently is a problem that enterprise managers must consider. The production line intelligent management system can be composed of RFID card, wireless terminal equipment (using ZigBee module), ZigBee serial server (ZBCOM-300IE), LED display and PC, so that the management of the enterprise can grasp the running state of the enterprise. Production line in real time.

The management system is mainly composed of two parts: an information collection system with RFID card as the core and an information transmission system with ZigBee wireless communication as the core.

Information collection system

RFID technology, also known as radio frequency identification, is a communication technology that uses radio signals to identify specific targets and to read and write related data. The communication process does not require identification of mechanical or optical contact between the system and a particular target. At present, in the traditional discrete manufacturing industry, compared with the widely used bar code technology, the RFID technology can read and write over a long distance, can read, write and store a large amount of data in a high-speed motion state, and can penetrate and read and write. Can be used in harsh environments.

The collection system first binds the semi-finished products of the production workshop and the identification code of the workshop workers through an RFID card. Each time a process is completed, the worker reads the information input system on the RFID card and can monitor the progress and flow of each shipment in real time. .

Information transmission system

The information transmission system consists of two roles: a ZigBee terminal node module and a concentrator (gateway). Each station has a ZigBee wireless terminal, and a concentrator connects 50 to 100 terminal nodes to run the station. Information such as status is transmitted to the backend server in real time. The concentrator and backend can be connected via RS-232 or Ethernet.

In the background, the control room administrator can connect to the server through the PC to determine the completion of the original product and the operation of each station. The system flow chart is shown below.

Production line intelligent management system based on RFID and ZigBee

The advantage of wireless transmission of information transmission system is that it can save the trouble of complicated wiring and post-maintenance of factory wiring, save wire cost, calculate worker's output, efficiency, piece rate, cargo tracking, quality monitoring and delivery control in real time. Realize visual production and intelligent management to improve product quality and production efficiency.