What is the difference between NFC and Bluetooth?

- Oct 12, 2018-


What is the difference between NFC and Bluetooth?

First of all, NFC is commonly known as near field communication technology. From the name we can see that it is a kind of close communication. How close is it, generally only supports a distance of about 10 cm.

Bluetooth has been used for many years. From the era of functional machines to the era of intelligent machines, its transmission distance has become longer and the transmission speed has become faster. Generally no problem is 10 meters or even tens of meters (based on the module and the actual terrain).

NFC has three modes of operation: data transfer, read and write, and card emulation. And Bluetooth is only used for data transmission, so there is still a big difference in function.

NFC is very close to use, and the encryption is very strong. There is almost no data interception, so we usually use it for micropayments.

In addition, we can also use the NFC card simulation function to use as a bus card, it is still very convenient. There is nothing that can be done with these Bluetooth, because the bottom layer of the hardware does not support these.

But Bluetooth also has its own specialties. In terms of transmitting data, Bluetooth has the advantage of being far away and fast. This is also unmatched by NFC.

The Bluetooth function needs to be pre-paired and then trusted to transmit data after mutual trust; while NFC does not have to be paired in advance, it can be transmitted directly at close range, which is very convenient.

The emergence of NFC is in fact largely expanding the use environment and field of digital devices. It is not a substitute for Bluetooth. Therefore, we don't have to worry about the problem that Bluetooth will be replaced by NFC. The two have different divisions and are not hostile. .