What is the NFC smart card? Which areas of life have applications?

- Oct 11, 2018-

Smart cards are very widely used in our lives. The ID cards, bank cards and transportation cards around you belong to smart cards, and various kinds of membership cards, access cards, shopping cards and so on.

No matter how different the appearance, regardless of the appearance, the application field has its own merits. At its core, it is decided that it can become only one of the smart cards, that is, the microchip inside the card. Among them, it is divided into contact type and non-contact type according to different chip protocols. Contact chips follow the ISO7816 protocol and contactless chips follow the ISO14443 protocol. The so-called contact type, such as a bank card, you need to insert the bank card into the machine before you can use it, instead of contact type, such as ID card, transportation card, you only need to put the card into the sensing area to complete the data reading and transmission. NFC technology is used.

Contact us, we are not talking about today, is a contactless smart card, that is, NFC smart card.

What is the NFC smart card? Which areas of life have applications?

NFC, the full name of English, Near Field Communication, is short-range wireless communication. The standard NFC communication frequency is 13.56MHz, the data transmission distance is generally within 10cm, high security, and the protocols to be followed are ISO14443A, ISO14443B and ISO15693. In the application, the NFC reader sends a specific electromagnetic wave to the carrier carrying the NFC chip (such as a bus card), and the series resonant circuit in the carrier body has the same frequency as that transmitted by the reader, and after receiving the electromagnetic wave of the reader/writer, The resonant circuit generates resonance, generates power and provides operating voltage for other circuits, and the NFC reader can complete data transmission and interaction with the carrier.

What is the NFC smart card? Which areas of life have applications?

NFC smart card in life:

1. ID card

Since March 29, 2004, mainland China officially began to renew the second generation of resident ID cards with built-in contactless IC smart chips (NFC chips). The second-generation ID card adopts the high-frequency 14443B protocol, which is very confidential and is a special chip of the Ministry of Public Security.

2. Traffic card

The M1 card used for the traffic card, the built-in NFC chip mostly follows the ISO14443A protocol. At the same time, the bus card is also an application of the NFC e-wallet function. Traffic cards are widely used, and traffic travel belongs to the field of competition for mobile payment parties, and competition is fierce. With the increasing intelligence of the traffic travel field, the form of the future traffic card will change greatly. For example, the use of mobile phone NFC function to simulate the traffic card has changed the form of the traffic card, and Alipay and WeChat The introduction of the electronic traffic card, the ride code and the face-lifting station, etc., directly changed the original nature of the traffic card.

3. Access Card

Access cards are also one of the important applications of NFC, such as access cards, access cards, parking cards, etc., for access control systems. The access card is set by the system administrator before the end user is used to determine the usable area and user rights. The user uses the access card to swipe the card into the management area. If there is no access card or permission, the user cannot enter the management area.

4. Other smart cards

Apply other NFC smart cards, membership cards, social security cards, etc.

The core part of the smart card - NFC chip

The NFC chip is the core part of the NFC smart card. The manufacturing process of smart cards mainly includes in-card integrated circuit design, software design, making circuits on monocrystalline silicon wafers, testing and writing information in E2PROM, grinding wafers, micro-modules, card manufacturing, card initialization, processing and distribution. . More than half of them are related to chip manufacturing.

The NFC chip is a semiconductor silicon wafer made by an advanced microfabrication method. Silicon wafers contain large scale integrated circuits.

What is the NFC smart card? Which areas of life have applications?

NFC smart card chip is a passive NFC chip, does not require a battery, u data transfer speed is fast, 106kbit / s, u data can be kept for 10 years, rewritable times 100,000 times, u each device has a unique 4 bytes Serial number, u need to pass the triple authentication (ISO/IEC DIS9798-2) (Mutual three pass authentication), data stream encryption of uRF channel, protection against eavesdropping attacks, two independent keys in each zone (per application) Support multi-application with key Hierarchy, u provide transport key protects access to EEPROM on chip delivery when submitting to users, double-density for each zone Key, support hierarchical key system, can achieve application requirements of multi-wallet function