Will the red wine label turn you seen?

- Apr 14, 2017-

E-Paper, that is, electronic paper, is a kind of paper similar to the display, can not be used in ink printing, only electronic display, but also to maintain the "paper" soft and portable, with visible light characteristics. E-Paper can be divided into materials and finished products, materials can be made into a roll to meet the requirements of light and soft portable, but if the actual application, you need to make the finished product, the control circuit, memory, power, software features , Can become a practical reading tool. But also because the characteristics of electronic paper and e-books similar, so we often will be electronic paper and e-book together, or even that is the same product, but the two can not draw the equal sign.

How does e - Paper work?

E-Paper is placed in two layers of transparent film (usually film) with electrostatic small colored particles, the particles have two colors, each with positive and negative different static electricity, film plus positive and negative electrodes, with the same exclusion, different The principle of very suction, move the location of small particles, so arranged in a zigzag or graphics.