2.45G Semi-passive Wake-up Tag For Personnel, Vehicle, Material Positioning

- Apr 09, 2018-

First, the background

1.1 System Application Background

With the gradual improvement of intelligent management and the continuous updating and upgrading of intelligent information facilities, the requirements for security protection are constantly increasing.

Aiming at the current requirements for accurate management of entry and exit management and intelligent regional positioning of coal mines, factories, prisons, hospitals, schools, enterprises and institutions, shopping malls, government departments, and intelligent communities, and the integration of valuable confidential information within specific locations. management. In response to the above issues, Beijing Fermos independently developed a set of programs based on the "positioning of semi-active equipment personnel and valuable confidential articles." The system can timely and effectively display the location of personnel and items, and the error can be adjusted according to the actual needs of customers.

Based on the application of this system, it is possible to improve the security and management efficiency of each specific area, reduce the strength of staff, realize paperlessness, and facilitate overall management.

1.2 Function Description

In the traditional sense, the location of a specific area is used to locate a 900-megabit passive device or a 2.45G-active device. When a passive device is used, the size and polarization direction of the tag are required to be high. However, the use of active active devices leads to poor positioning accuracy, and local interference can not distinguish actual positions.

Aiming at the above problems, a set of semi-active devices independently developed by famousrfid company to locate personnel or articles classified in certain areas has been applied to a border defense department in Xinjiang. The advantages of the system are as follows:

High real-time performance, strong anti-interference, high positioning accuracy, convenient installation equipment, no crosstalk events, large data capacity, simultaneous identification of multiple tags, optimized industrial bus topology;

(1) High real-time performance: The exciter is in working state for a long time. Once the tag in the field area is triggered, the data will be uploaded immediately, and the software processing will perform positioning or alarm processing.

(2) Strong anti-interference: The human body, metal, dust, and moisture will not cause any impact on the system, and the product's robustness has been rigorously tested.

(3) High positioning accuracy: According to the actual requirements of customers can change the positioning accuracy requirements, the range is 1 meter to 10 meters;

(4) The installation of equipment is convenient: the convenience of installation is fully taken into account when designing the product, and the exciter part can be directly supplied with power, and the combination of software and card can be used to achieve positioning and practicality;

(5) No crosstalk event occurs: When there are high-power microwave equipments with the same frequency or different frequencies, the products will be flexible and frequency hopping to avoid the interference sources.

(6) Large data capacity: The reader in the system uses the 2.45G band as the main channel for data circulation, and the data communication rate is 2 Mbits/s.

(7) Simultaneous identification of multiple tags: Each card reader can simultaneously identify 200 cards in the card reader area without collision or crosstalk.

(8) Optimized industrial bus topology: The system's wired data channels use CAN2.0, TCP/IP, and RS485 bus methods to handle large volumes of data with ease.

Second, precise personnel positioning system description

In addition to the real-time monitoring function of the system, in the management of the positioning of personnel in special areas such as elderly homes and prisons, it is necessary for the localizer to actively issue the information sought or positioned. Therefore, taking into account the human factors, the card can be expanded to include under-voltage alarm, key alarm and other functions;

When there is an accident, the patient can send a distress signal through the alarm button on the carrying card. The monitoring personnel will immediately get the alarm information, lock the position of the personnel, and carry out rescue work.

The system features are as follows:

High positioning accuracy: The circle drawn by the exciter with a radius of 1.5 meters is extremely accurate. The electronic tag in the energizing zone will send the ID address of the exciter to the remote reader through 2.4G. In this way, you can Distinguish the patient's status, such as: a long time in a bathroom, or whether the patient is in the bed.

One card: Built-in mifare chips to achieve multi-functional consumption.

Low power consumption and long life: The electronic tag will send the ID information of its own excitation area to the remote reader only when it enters a new excitation area, and the electronic tag will not sleep when it enters the excitation area or stays in the same position for a long time. State, which greatly reduces the power consumption of electronic tags and extends the battery life.

Strong EMI and EMS capabilities, card launch power is one-thousandth of the launch power of mobile phones, and there is no danger of electromagnetic radiation. Does not interfere with Bluetooth, 802.11, or wireless network.