About The Uniqueness Of RFID Tags

- Jun 06, 2018-

The RFID tag is a chip built-in, built-in chips have their own unique ID. Each rfid tag has a separate UID label, usually a certain product is bound to a certain RFID tag (having a unique ID), and they are in a binding relationship. It is like giving Someone assigns a unique ID number. With a UID, you can avoid counterfeiting.

In the early days, there was no serial number in the label. Each label had a unique ID, which could also be understood as an ID number. This unique ID was applied by the manufacturer to an organization and there would be no reuse of RFID labels. , or multiple products corresponding to a label, the current cost of an RFID tag is about one or two cents or so.

RFID tag unique rfid tag product chip

Why do RFID RFID tags serve as the only code in the world?

First of all, the encoding of RFID electronic tags follows certain rules; RFID electronic tags follow the EPC encoding rules.

The full name of EPC is Electronic Product Code, which is called Product Electronic Code in Chinese. EPC's carrier is an RFID tag and uses the Internet to deliver information. EPC aims to establish global and open labeling standards for each single product, and to track and trace individual products globally so as to effectively improve the supply chain management level and reduce logistics costs. EPC is a complete, complex and comprehensive system.

The product electronic code (EPC code) is a new generation of product coding system introduced by the International Bar Code Organization. The original product barcode is only the encoding of the product category. The EPC code is assigned a globally unique code for each single product, and the EPC encodes a 96-bit (binary) encoding system. The 96-bit EPC code, which can be coded for 268 million companies, each company can have 16 million product categories, each product has 68 billion independent product code, the image can be given a unique for every rice on the planet The coding.

Conclusion: Traditional barcodes do not have uniqueness, so they are easily copied and they do not have the effect of real anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting. The rfid tag has uniqueness (a unique id) that cannot be copied and will not be faked.