Application Of Entrance And Exit Control In Urban Intelligent Parking Management

- May 11, 2018-

Urban intelligent parking management system is mainly composed of subsystems such as parking entrance and exit control, parking guidance, and convenient payment.

The parking entrance and exit management system is an entrance and exit security management system integrating multiple devices and software. The domestic parking lot entrance and exit management system and technology have experienced three stages of development: the artificial stage, the intelligent stage, and the Internet + smart parking stage. Twenty years ago, the number of automobiles in our country was small. At that time, the management of parking lots was rather arbitrary. At the same time, it was limited by the technological level at that time. The control of entrances and exits basically depended on manual work. That is to say, personnel were arranged to charge parking fees, and parking time relied on hand-writable records for the entire parking management. The industry level is lower. With the rapid growth of domestic motor vehicles, simply relying on artificial bill filling model has not been able to meet the needs of society. With the addition of new technologies such as contactless IC cards, non-contact IC cards, smart cards, electronic tags, and license plate recognition, parking entrances and exits are gradually becoming smarter. Especially in recent years, there has been a rapid growth in the number of domestic automobile ownership. By the beginning of 2018, China’s automobile ownership has reached 310 million, and the problem of urban parking has become more serious. In response to the various problems faced by urban parking, the government has issued a number of policies to encourage the construction of urban intelligent parking management systems. In August 2015, the seven ministries and commissions of the State Council jointly issued the “Guidance Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Urban Parking Facilities” and urged local governments to promote the development and application of high-tech technologies such as intelligent parking systems, intelligent parking guidance systems, and automatic recognition of license plate systems; and to strengthen different parking management. Information system interconnection, information sharing, promotion of integration of parking and internet development, support for the development and promotion of mobile terminal Internet parking applications, encourage parking queries, parking reservations before travel, automatic billing, payment, and other functions to increase the use of parking resources Efficiency reduces the traffic problems induced by the search for parking berths. In December 2015, the three ministries and commissions of the National Development and Reform Commission and other countries issued the "Guiding Opinions on Further Improving the Charging Policy for Motor Vehicle Parking Services", requesting that the implementation of electronic payment technology be accelerated and that social capital be encouraged to build parking facilities. Demand promotes development, technology-driven innovation, and national policies provide guarantees. Parking lot entrance and exit management systems are rapidly developing toward large-scale, complex, and intelligent, and have entered the Internet + smart parking phase.

At present, the contradiction between the supply and demand in the parking lot is prominent in China. According to estimates, there are more than 50 million parking spaces in China, and there is a serious mismatch between the number of parking spaces and the number of cars, making it harder and harder for the city to stop, and at the same time increasing traffic congestion in the core areas of the city. At present, there are many problems in China's parking management system, such as the large difference in management system intelligence, difficulty in solving parking lot information islands, weak awareness of parking resource sharing, and lack of unified national or industry standards. With the emergence and development of new technologies such as license plate recognition, Internet, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and electronic payment, the above problems will be gradually solved.

The city's intelligent parking management system hardware is further integrated. The traditional entrance and exit parking system management equipment consists of a variety of equipment such as car detectors, cameras, barriers, and displays. The variety of equipment and construction wiring are complex. The integrated and integrated parking management system adopts a modular design. It is easy to install, has a uniform interface, and is easy to operate. The use of parking instructions, parking guidance, and reverse car-finding technologies will greatly increase the efficiency and quality of service in the parking lot management. Today, when it is strongly advocated for the sharing economy, the city's intelligent parking management system can achieve parking space sharing and can use idle time. Section parking spaces were leased out to increase the supply of parking spaces. For difficult parking lots, on the one hand, it was possible to solve the problem of parking difficulties. On the other hand, it could bring additional benefits for the owners; parking fees were gradually transferred from the traditional cash payment. Self-help payment, UnionPay payment, prepaid, ETC charges, WeChat, Alipay, mobile APP payment and other methods.

In the city intelligent parking management system, the user only needs to input the desired destination in the smart city APP, the system will automatically recommend the parking lot near the destination and plan the navigation route, and then guide us to the destination. After arriving at the destination parking lot, the parking lot entrance and exit license plate recognition device will automatically determine and reserve the reserved vehicle, and then guide the reserved vehicle to accurately park to the previously reserved parking space through the vehicle guidance system. When the driving vehicle leaves the parking lot, the entrance and exit intelligent parking management system automatically passes the previously reserved information after detecting the vehicle and deducts the parking fee from the owner's account. The entire process from entering to exiting does not require manual operation and is quick and easy.

The Urban Intelligent Parking Management System covers all types of parking spaces including operational and non-operating, indoor and outdoor, and maximizes the allocation and utilization of parking resources, solves urban parking issues in an all-round way, and assists smart transportation and smart city construction.