Application Of RFID Temperature And Humidity Detection

- Aug 27, 2018-

With the rapid development of the Internet of Things, RFID technology has also been known by more and more people. The application of RFID technology is becoming more and more extensive. Today, let us look at the application of RFID technology in temperature and humidity detection.

Fruit and vegetable preservation

After picking fruits and vegetables, the freshness of fruits and vegetables should be maintained in the transportation chain. Temperature and humidity are the two most important factors. The system is mainly composed of a single chip microcomputer, a temperature and humidity sensing module, a main controller and data acquisition. This system realizes the realization of the temperature and humidity record of fruit and vegetable preservation.

Smart medical

Because children have a higher risk of high fever than adults, this also causes nurses to make multiple measurements on children in one night. A sensory RFID tag worn on the abdomen plays a role. The nurse pains to obtain the patient's body temperature through the RFID handset, and the temperature exceeds the set threshold. The system can automatically alarm and predict the temperature trend.

Grain storage

Food storage is an effective measure taken by the state to prepare for emergencies such as war and famine. The RFID ultra-high frequency reader has powerful data processing function compared with other general wireless sensors, which can realize distributed wireless monitoring of temperature and humidity of the grain storage, and has the advantages of high speed, simultaneous reading and writing of multiple labels and long communication distance.

Electrical equipment testing

The system provides power to the wireless sensor nodes in the online monitoring system through wireless power supply, which has high security and anti-interference; non-contact information interaction and information collection through wireless radio frequency signals, realizing automatic identification and remote real-time temperature Monitoring and management.