Application Of Wave Absorbing Material In RFID Tags

- Jun 30, 2018-

After more than ten years of development, the RFID industry in China has matured, especially in the last two years. With the country actively encouraging and vigorously promoting the healthy development of the industry, with the continuous advancement of the Internet of Things in various factors, it has been Maintaining a steady upward trend in development.

The industry has also reached consensus on the establishment of RFID frequency standards. At present, the internationally common frequency is 13.56MHz, and the 13.56MHz high-frequency RFID technology is widely used in bus cards and mobile payment because of its stable performance and reasonable price, and its reading range and the distance range of actual application. Applications, especially in Korea, Japan, etc.

RFID tags are often used in a metal environment. When RFID tags are close to metal, because the metal has strong reflection of electromagnetic waves, the signals will be weakened and the reading distance will become closer. Serious interference will occur. Failed to read the card. The current common solution is to paste a layer of magnetic absorbing material on the back of the electronic tag.

Absorbing materials have many uses in electronic devices such as noise reduction, wave absorption, and EMC. Experts have also done many models to explain their working principles and formed a lot of theoretical knowledge.